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September 14, 2004 Link to this post

Three Towers highlight reel posted
Ducain has finished the Three Towers highlight video (he says 'finally' - making me feel even WORSE that the Going Nowhere Fast vid isn't done yet, thanks, Ducain), showing the best stunts of the entries for this contest. WMP9 format, 9 minutes long, 23.2 mb. If there's demand, I'll toss up a QuickTime version. Update: Due to popular demand, I've put up a QuickTime version for folks who need it. (Louis Wu 11:27:40 UTC)

September 12, 2004 Link to this post

PoA 0 Shot
pushbak, inspired by Mike Miller's gunless Belly of the Beast performance, has submitted a new run through the Pillar of Autumn, doing the entire level on Legendary without firing a shot. (Lots and lots of grenades, and melee attacks... but not a single shot.) The movie is 8:03 long, and 28.1 mb large, in QuickTime format. You can grab it from Mythica.org. (If bandwidth gets tight, we'll add another mirror.) Enjoy! (Louis Wu 16:56:45 UTC)

September 11, 2004 Link to this post

Real Halo
A bunch of guys pressed a suburban backyard and its contents (and one extra shoe) into service to bring you a live-action version of a Zanzibar netgame. I particularly liked the respawn sound effects. 17.1 mb, QuickTime format. Sorry about the quality; original film was recorded with a Hi8 camera, then digitized via a USB adaptor... further compressed to be web-friendly. The shakeycam only adds to the netplay, though, I think. (Louis Wu 18:25:34 UTC)

September 10, 2004 Link to this post

Sketch and Frankie talk Beta
Gamespot has put up a Developer Interview - 4 and a half minutes of info from SketchFactor and Frankie discussing exactly what was available to the press who showed up to play some Halo 2 last month. There's also info about the ranking system. It's available for download for Gamespot Complete members, but mostly it's these guys talking, overlaid on top of stock footage; you don't lose much by checking out the free streaming version. Definitely worth a listen! (There's even a bit on the Plantronics headset!) To find this interview, check out the GameSpace page for Halo 2 - down in the 'Gamespot Exclusive Movies', it's the second one down. (Louis Wu 18:06:32 UTC)

September 8, 2004 Link to this post

The Essence of Sack
Yesterday, we released a short vid showing Mike Miller clearing the Belly of the Beast fight on Truth and Reconciliation without firing a shot - on Legendary. You might remember 'Legend', Mike's last video, showing some pretty slick Legendary gameplay. Well... he's followed it up with a sequel. Legend 2 is 7:36 long, 28.6 mb big, in QuickTime format... and contains some of the most balls-to-the-wall gameplay I've seen. When I clear out the Maw elevator, i do so from the safety of the corridor, so I can run away when the Spec-Ops Elites and Grunts don't all die in the first volley. Mike actually wipes out the lot from INSIDE the elevator. His 'hog handling is gorgeous (though he dumps a lot of 'em off edges...), the sniping is spot-on. And, as usual, the plasma grenade planting is beautiful. Half the video is devoted to outtakes, showing you he's human (some are hilarious)... and the final tidbit has to be seen to be believed. Absolutely worth the download. It's at Mythica.org and files.bungie.org for now; as always, we're happy to post mirror links. (Louis Wu 10:49:54 UTC)

September 8, 2004 Link to this post

Out and Back Again
Ducain, following up on his previous 'get a warthog with a live marine across the Silent Cartographer shaft' trick, has gotten the warthog BACK across the shaft (without killing the live marine). Vid is 8.6 mb, WMP9 format. Nice toss! (Louis Wu 09:52:01 UTC)

September 7, 2004 Link to this post

Why won't somebody help the point man?
Age points out that the Fire Team Charlie boyz have put out another vid; FTC13b is members-only, but it's 8:16 of hilarity, absolutely worth the 65 mb download. It's currently available in Divx-encoded AVI format, but they'll have a QuickTime version available later today. (Louis Wu 17:21:21 UTC)

September 7, 2004 Link to this post

Guns Don't Kill People...
Mike Miller, a man who knows how to play Halo and make movies about it, has dropped off a film called 'Guns Don't Kill People...' If you're at all insecure about your Halo-playing ability, don't watch this. T&R's 'Belly Of The Beast', on Legendary... in under 4 minutes, without firing a shot. (An interesting side effect of not shooting seems to be some glitching in the triggers for the sword elites; they still come out, but not in their normal pattern.) We're hosting this (QuickTime format, 13.7 mb) on files2.bungie.org. (I'm still trying to decide whether I'm in awe of his skill, or whether I hate him for making it look so easy.) (Louis Wu 15:39:23 UTC)

September 7, 2004 Link to this post

Bounce, baby, bounce
Juggertrout put together a short (1:19, 6.8 mb) film showing some Warthog Jumping off of pelicans. It's being hosted by Mythica, for the [-TLG-] clan. (Louis Wu 13:33:37 UTC)

September 5, 2004 Link to this post

Storming the Beach
Professor Keo put together a very nice video called 'Storming the Beach' - 7.6 mb, QuickTime format, it does a very cinematic job of portraying the beach battle on Silent Cartographer. Check it out! (Louis Wu 15:18:35 UTC)

September 1, 2004 Link to this post

Tricks Tricks and more Tricks
Four tricks movies showed up on our forum in the last day or so; pretty wide range of size and interest. First post was from foxygrandpa117; he posted about a pair of vids a clanmember of his, wOot, made. The first shows a coop pair riding the initial pelican in AotCR down to the bottom of the pit; the trick is old, but nobody's bothered to document the entire ride, I don't think. WMP9 format, 7.7 mb. The second is random trick stuff; it's the sort of video we'd decline to host if it were submitted here, because every single trick has been shown in other vids, but it's a nice compilation of stuff, if you're not a rabid downloader. WMP9 format, 21.7 mb. Then there was a post from vshields ash, pointing out a vid made by fluit (and originally posted at highimpacthalo.org). This one shows some platform-to-platform hog launching at the top of AotCR. Nice distance. WMP9 format, 2.7 mb. Finally, Madrox and Monoxide continue with their 'getting stuff into the AotCR underground pit' series, this time actually working on Two Betrayals, and bringing down a flood combat form. WMP9 format, 10.7 mb. (This is enough to get this post spoiler-labeled.) Nice to see that Halo tricking is still going strong! (Louis Wu 14:26:35 UTC)

August 31, 2004 Link to this post

MLG VoD footage for the masses
Dolbex, synide, and Jason of MLG put together an 8-minute long retrospective of the MLG-Seattle Halo 2 experience; you've already seen the in-game footage, this will give you some flavor of the event itself. 26.9 mb, QuickTime format; we've put copies up on both files2.bungie.org and mythica.org. (Louis Wu 15:17:12 UTC)

August 30, 2004 Link to this post

Death of the Common Grunt
Okay - the film quality is pretty low (it was filmed with a digital camera, in movie mode), and the dialogue leaves a little to be desired... but Collin Ferry's 'Death of the Common Grunt' film still brought a smile to my face. It's available in WMP9 format (3.6 mb) or QuickTime format (3.4 mb), and it'll only eat a minute of your life. Go watch it. (Louis Wu 14:56:02 UTC)

August 30, 2004 Link to this post

You got a hunter WHERE?
foxygrandpa117 completed another one of those 'wow-this-is-gonna-take-a-while' tricks by bringing a Hunter to the bottom of the security shaft in Silent Cartographer. Read his forum post, watch the procedure (6.3 mb, WMP9 format, hosted by Mythica) and TELL me you wouldn't go insane doing that. (Louis Wu 12:27:50 UTC)

August 27, 2004 Link to this post

IGN goes to Germany
IGN recently put up a sizeable movie, labeled 'Halo 2 Stuff', on its Halo 2 media page. It's available as a 320x240 WMP9 stream, for everyone, or a downloadable QuickTime (up to 315 mb in 640x480) for Insiders. What it IS is a (decent) shakeycam video of the Halo 2 presentation at the recent Leipzig Games Conference; Pete Parsons and Cam Payne played out the E3 2004 demo for the crowd. As far as footage goes, all of this is already on the web, in better quality... but the start of this video contains some pretty funny stuff. There are a couple of Nightmare-Armor-clad guys (that's not the funny part)... and then the two show announcers try to get the crowd riled up for the demo, and finally (all in German, remember) start yelling 'and here's Pete Parsons!', while pointing at Cam. (Pete wasn't on stage yet.) Cam is quietly trying to let them know he's not Pete - but they're pretty much ignoring him. Eventually, they get the message, and there are a couple of minutes of fumbling while someone goes off and FINDS Pete. Dunno... I found the whole thing hilarious - and I don't even speak German. (Pete, when he started the presentation, was cool as a cucumber.) Thanks to Art Vandelay for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 18:04:32 UTC)

August 27, 2004 Link to this post

Lethal Rage 4
Pico has put up a teaser for Lethal Rage 4, the next in his series of machinima battle vids. About 2 mb, in either WMP9 or QuickTime formats. (Mostly hype, but there's enough rapid-action video to make you want this out...) (Louis Wu 12:44:48 UTC)

August 26, 2004 Link to this post

If you're dead, respawn!
Sevenar posted a short ad for a pretty entertaining event... in movie format. Details on what you're watching (as well as filesize) are in the forum post. If there's demand, I'll rip a QT version of this, too. (Louis Wu 17:17:15 UTC)

August 26, 2004 Link to this post

6 Marines and a dead man's... banshee?
[-TLG-]Madrox continues his 'live stuff in the pit' series by bringing a stack of live Marines to the bottom of the chasm in the underground area of AotCR. Amazing! Hosting provided by Mythica, via High Impact Halo. I'll try and get a QuickTime version posted later today - look for an update to this newspost. (Louis Wu 17:14:33 UTC)

August 26, 2004 Link to this post

The Wind Beneath My Wings
Yaksha posted a video today showcasing a couple of Halo PC mods... and a pretty drawn-out punchline. 2:09 long, 10.2 mb, WMP9 format. Hosted by redvsblue.net. Check it out! (Louis Wu 02:24:31 UTC)

August 25, 2004 Link to this post

Attack of the Giant Grunt
This was released yesterday, but would have been completely buried... timboh56 created a trailer for a stop-motion picture he's putting together, 'Attack of the Giant Grunt'. It's short - but it's quite good, so we've mirrored both the original WMP9 version (721K) and a new QuickTime version (812K), so that you don't have to hammer his personal website. C'mon... it's tiny. Grab it. (Louis Wu 14:13:16 UTC)

August 25, 2004 Link to this post

cG vs Strive - on haloTV
synide, from haloTV, wrote to say that [cG]rapture finished the first of the cookedGamers at Summer CPL 2004 videos, cG vs Strive/Reality. You can watch it over at haloTV.net. It's about 20 minutes long, 720x480 format, and streamed straight to your desktop. It was filmed behind the cG team; you get the players' reactions as well as the gameplay itself. Nice vid! There are more on the way - check back at haloTV.net often. (Louis Wu 12:57:03 UTC)

August 25, 2004 Link to this post

Zanzibar Footage Update
As of now, a bit over 8 hours after posting the first link, the BitTorrent network has served up over 5300 copies of the MLG Halo 2 gameplay video (almost 650 Gigabytes). You guys rock. :) However, there are lots of people who can't use BitTorrent - they're on firewalled corporate networks, or family members have a problem with p2p software on the computer... for whatever reason, these people will not be able to see this film until it is made available via normal web channels. And this process has begun. The first few direct links have been posted on our forum - and we'll continue to add new ones to our Mirror Page as they come in (if you have the bandwidth to spare, throw a copy up, send us a link, we'll add it; when your bandwidth runs out, let us know, we'll yank the link). Please - if you CAN use the BitTorrent network, DO so. (Hopefully, later tonight we'll also have a Two Degrees link up for you, as well.) But the direct downloads are there on the Mirror page if you need them. (Tonight, or tomorrow, smaller versions will begin to appear, as well. I hope.) Once again, thanks to Dolbex and the entire MLG crew (and Bungie!) for making this accessible; it's clear from today's downloads that this is a cool drink of water to a LOT of parched Halo 2 fans. Update: Oops, almost forgot... mrsmiley, the player in the vid itself, started a thread on our forum to answer questions people had about the gameplay (or his performance :) ). Check it out! (Louis Wu 01:26:03 UTC)

August 24, 2004 Link to this post

Zanzibar Gameplay - in Hi-Res Glory
In the past few days, many sites have put up shakeycam video of public Halo 2 play - and many sites have been shut down by the demand. The sad thing is... quality has been HORRIBLE on almost every single released movie. Demand is still huge, because people want to see how this game plays... but it's like trying to enjoy the dance by rubbing a clear spot in the glass on the outside of the barn. Dolbex managed to grab almost 20 minutes of direct-feed footage of an 4v4 at last weekend's MLG-hosted Downpour event in Seattle, and he's shunted it over to us for release to the masses. Before you get a link, there are a few things you should know:

  • This is NOT the final version of Halo 2; this is the E3 build of the map Zanzibar, created 4 months ago, and VASTLY altered since that point. If you see something that you don't like, chances are Bungie saw it also, and fixed it.
  • There is no public demo of this level; this event wasn't even on the list of public Halo 2 showings. It was not mentioned beforehand because Bungie wanted it to be a surprise for the MLG guests, and because they didn't want people coming to the tournament SPECIFICALLY for Halo 2. In other words; this was a one-time deal, don't expect to see another showing like this.
  • The game depicted here is mostly MLG staff and volunteers; the screen you're watching is mrsmiley, of Halo Babies.
  • If you like this stuff, there is about an hour and half MORE footage at MLGpro.com and is primarily pro players playing Halo 2 in the world's first Halo2 tourney. Players like Ogre 1, Strangepurple, Darkman, Ogre 2, and Zyos. You can view it by becoming a member of Video On Demand ($20 to help support HaloTV/server costs).

All that said, I've taken Dolbex's footage and encoded it to a not-server-crushing 123 mb, and we're releasing it via BitTorrent. If you don't have a BitTorrent client, you can grab one here. Once you've got that, point it to our Seattle Halo 2 Footage seed, and don't forget to leave the window open when you're finished, to share the bandwidth love! The demand for this file is going to be huge; you can make it less painful to everyone involved by chipping in. (Later today, I'll release a smaller segment for bandwidth-challenged folks... please be patient.) Update: A lot of people seem unfamiliar with BitTorrent, and are complaining about slow download speeds. An explanation of exactly why this is happening and how BitTorrent works is beyond the scope of this post. However, the reason we are inflicting BitTorrent on you is that given the size of this movie and the tremendous demand for it, this is the only way we (or anyone short of, say, FilePlanet) could afford to host this movie. Bandwidth costs money- lots of bandwidth costs LOTS of money, way more than any fansite can afford. Just remember, when you finish downloading, please don't close the BitTorrent window. Think of it as a favor to the community that has brought you this movie- you just downloaded it from all the people who didn't close their windows either, and everyone who downloads it later will be able to do so thanks to you. Every little bit counts, so please help us justify posting more movies like this in the future. (Updated by CZ) (Louis Wu 15:58:41 UTC)

August 24, 2004 Link to this post

Lots and Lots and LOTS of 2v2 footage
(GT)Juggler points out that he's got tons of 2v2 footage on the HaloGT website (redesigned and overhauled, by the way); all the individual matches from the 2v2 mini-tournament that happened at the Dead Babies LANfest a few weeks ago are online on his media page. The 9 regular films have no sound (though they still average over 20 mb each), and the 3 finals have sound, and are a bit meatier. Go see what you can grab! (Louis Wu 11:45:19 UTC)

August 23, 2004 Link to this post

More Leipzig Footage
Nafe Rubeus continues his quest for Zanzibar multiplayer footage, with another german website, die-klobrille.de. There are two links; the first is a 103 mb, 19-minute file that will make you nauseous if you watch the whole thing at a shot. (It starts with some footage of the Nightmare-Armor-clad MS rep on the show floor, and then moves on to game footage... the blue flashing really got to me after a bit.) The second is a mirror of the very first clip we mentioned - but you'll have to copy and paste the link, rather than click it - there's a typo in the code. If all goes well, we might have something better for you soon... (Louis Wu 21:34:26 UTC)

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