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August 29, 2005 Link to this post

HCEC 17: Prelude
Dennis Powers writes that the Halo CE Chronicles Episode 17 - Prelude - has been posted. The search and rescue team looking for our Station Commander is about to come under attack from well-armed Covenant forces... the stage is set for some great action. Qucktime (20 mb), WMP9 (22 mb), or streaming Flash (8 mb) formats, all downloadable from the video archive. (Louis Wu 20:32:11 UTC)

August 28, 2005 Link to this post

Even More Montages
Two different montages (both hosted over at halo2forum.com) were posted on our forum today - SWAT Halo69's 7th Montage and Halzred's Montage 3. They just keep coming... (Louis Wu 20:35:20 UTC)

August 27, 2005 Link to this post

WaLKa Montage Preview
WaLKa put together a preview for a new montage - sticks, snipes, sword kills, Halo and Halo 2. Nice to see footage that combines the games! You can find a download link on our forum, and another (larger by far) thread about the vid over at Halo2Forum.com (thanks, Z). 62 mb, MPEG-2 format. (Louis Wu 14:02:42 UTC)

August 26, 2005 Link to this post

Can't Touch This.
A movie called 'Untouchable', by TheHaloGod, cleared our Movie Peer Review Rating System this morning, with a pretty unprecedented score. It's a montage vid - but the timing is simply astounding, and the music choice is great. As luck would have it, I'm not anywhere near home today (nor will I be for the next couple of days), so the tools available for multiple formats are not what they should be. We're offering the original WMP9 version, 44.7 mb - quality is fantastic. We're also offering a somewhat larger, somewhat lower-quality QuickTime version (49.2 mb) - it's still quite watchable, but not as beautiful as the WMP9. I'd point out the spots that made us all go 'OMG' - but they're more fun to experience on your own. Even if you're pretty jaded with respect to montages, this is worth watching. (Louis Wu 19:55:50 UTC)

August 25, 2005 Link to this post

Lost Stratosphere Ep 2: Aftermath
A couple of days ago, the MPRRS processed the second episode in Final Supremacy's Lost Stratosphere series. It failed - because one of the reviewers decided that the download took too long. Since this is an absurd criterion for a failing grade, I've overridden the score - and the movie is available to you in either QuickTime (38.6 mb) or WMP9 (37.5 mb) formats. It advances the existing storyline of Episode 1 - humans are in a dire situation! Go watch. (Louis Wu 10:32:26 UTC)

August 24, 2005 Link to this post

Just Shameless
retsamolah put together another montage vid; I'm sure it will earn the scorn of TRUE masters, because there are a couple of times when he actually takes 3 shots to no-scope the enemy (and because he uses the dreaded n00b combo to get a triple kill or two), but some of the sticks have to be seen to be believed. All footage collected in the last few nights - vid is 65.5 mb, QuickTime format. The downside: there's only one jump-to-the-death-off-Lockout this time around, and it's not even KP. Nice gameplay set to great music (though not timed to it) - a fun watch. (Louis Wu 13:17:39 UTC)

August 24, 2005 Link to this post

No Strategic Imperatives
Okay, this is weird. Over at Channel 9, a Microsoft programming site, there's a video series following their mascot (think Jack-in-the-Box, writ large) on the way to a developers conference. The current episode (download is 14.8 mb, WMP9 format) has the 9 guy picking up Sarge, from Red vs Blue - I'd go nuts if that guy got in MY car. Thanks, Eric Smith. (Louis Wu 04:40:03 UTC)

August 23, 2005 Link to this post

Montage Mania
Got mail from Z, over at halo2forum.com - tons for you to watch. Their Montage Contest 2 videos have been revealed - there are lots of them. Then, there's a montage trailer from magnum 9er. Finally, there's some pro-level gaming, wherein the Str8 Rippin crew loses. Go download! (Louis Wu 17:24:32 UTC)

August 23, 2005 Link to this post

Launch Line Ep 1 - Blood Gulch
Wow. TheGhost posted a vid on our forum - he's modified multiplayer grenades in HaloCE to act a lot like campaign grenades... and he uses them to perform some amazing launches on Blood Gulch. I liked this so much I'm hosting both his original WMP9 version (26.4 mb), and a new QT version (27.4 mb). Grab this and be amazed. I was. (Louis Wu 00:05:21 UTC)

August 23, 2005 Link to this post

HCEC Ep 16: Harmony
Dennis Powers wrote to point out that The Halo CE Chronicles Episode 16, Harmony, has been released - the action heats up, and a long-time plot mystery has been cleared up. Go watch! WMP9 (25.4 mb), QuickTIme (29.9 mb), and streaming Flash (9 mb) formats. (Louis Wu 00:03:14 UTC)

August 22, 2005 Link to this post

HollywoodHalo Update 7
HollywoodHalo's Update 7 passed our MPRRS last night - go watch this for updates on sites like Bungie.net and High Impact Halo. The Pumpkin stuff is a little... odd. Go watch! Just over 30 mb, in either WMP9 or QuickTime formats. (Louis Wu 13:49:06 UTC)

August 22, 2005 Link to this post

Nephrons - Minus Five
The next episode of Nephrons ('Nephrons - Minus Five') has been released by ChairLeg Productions - and it's passed our Movie Peer Review Rating System. You can grab it in PSP-friendly form (368x208, 16.2 mb, MP4 encoding), directly from their site... or in PC-friendly form (standard 640x480 formats) from us; WMP9 format is 44.3 mb, QuickTime format is 40.6 mb. In their words, "a variety of unusual subjects such as thumbscrews and Walrus Kings but still no actual on screen bullets....yet." Go watch! (Louis Wu 12:04:30 UTC)

August 21, 2005 Link to this post

The Squadron, Ep 3 posted
Broken Console has posted Episode 3 of The Squadron - it's called 'Dinosaurs and Clones'. Pretty nice work, overall! You can grab a WMP9 version (22.6 mb) at their site... and we're hosting a QuickTime version (21.6 mb) for them (because AnubisUK disappeared before he could get it linked on his own site). Comments can go in AnubisUK's thread on our forum. Update: The QuickTime is now at their site, as well. (Louis Wu 14:00:11 UTC)

August 19, 2005 Link to this post

Bballplaya12's Montage 2
Z points out a new montage, from Bballplaya12, over on Halo2Forum.com. 64 mb, WMP9 format. Lots and lots of sticks and snipes. Good timing, and some of the sticks (especially the ones on Lockout) are pretty impressive. Go grab a copy! (Louis Wu 19:30:27 UTC)

August 19, 2005 Link to this post

DarqKnyght created a spoof montage - ever wonder what it would sound like if Homer Simpson played Xbox Live? Wonder no more! Timing is beautiful, and there were several laugh-out-loud clip choices (for me, at least). Warning ahead of time: anyone who chooses to denigrate the actual gameplay shown ("those weren't very impressive kills") on our forum will be mocked mercilessly by me - this montage is NOT about the masterful play, it's about the great matchup between gameplay and Simpson snippets. Go watch - it's funny. 34.4 mb, in either WMP9 or QuickTime formats. (Louis Wu 15:44:09 UTC)

August 19, 2005 Link to this post

Barney Just Wants a Hug
drumyouaway submitted a trailer for Barney Just Wants a Hug to the MPRRS - and though a few people were unhappy with the aspect ratio of some of the footage, it passed the system, and so we're hosting it for you to see. Short, odd... sort of like my kids. WMP9 (7.6 mb) or QuickTime (7.1 mb) formats. (Louis Wu 14:04:54 UTC)

August 18, 2005 Link to this post

The High Impact Halo logo contest has come to an end - you can see the winner (and a fine choice it is) on their front page. Congrats to T010! (And taking a page from the HollywoodHalo playbook, there is a Video Update summarizing the past week - multiple formats, 25-35 mb, depending... give it a watch!) (Louis Wu 14:46:28 UTC)

August 18, 2005 Link to this post

He is smitten.
This Spartan Life has put up a new Video Blog - Episode 2 gets into the host's personal life (well, sort of). Scary. (Just hit the 'Blogs' link at the top to see it.) 5.4 mb, QuickTime format. Thanks to Squatting Bear, who pointed it out before it even showed up on the page. (Louis Wu 13:54:05 UTC)

August 15, 2005 Link to this post

The next chapter of the Halo CE Chronicles, Episode 15, Conflict, has been posted over at the HCEC website. The action heats up - an extraction goes bad, and the Spartan is left to fend for himself. As usual, it's available in WMP9, QuickTime, and streaming Flash formats. Go watch! (Louis Wu 21:22:39 UTC)

August 14, 2005 Link to this post

Nephrons - Minus Six
Chairleg Productions came out of - well, pretty much nowhere a couple of days ago with their well-received Tale of Two Countries. Today, they're back, with another MPRRS-approved film, this one called 'Nephrons - Minus Six'. It's not yet Episode One, and indeed you will one day have the opportunity to meet a real-life Nephron... in the meantime, get acquainted with Jimmy, and the rest of the cast! WMP9 format (31 mb) or QuickTime format (28.4 mb). (Louis Wu 16:49:11 UTC)

August 14, 2005 Link to this post

Lost Stratosphere Ep 1: The Fall of Eagle Base
Midnight Carnage, of the Final Supremacy team, submitted Lost Stratosphere Episode 1 to our Movie Peer Review Rating System a couple of days ago - they liked it... a lot. Go grab The Fall of Eagle Base, the first chapter in a Cov vs Human conflict machinima, in either WMP9 (50.9 mb) or Quicktime (50.7 mb) formats. (Louis Wu 14:24:21 UTC)

August 13, 2005 Link to this post

The End of All Things
Episode 20 of the Codex, the final of the series, was released a few hours ago. It's currently only available in QuickTime, but WMP9 should be coming later today. Thirteen and a half minutes long, this is a fitting end to a spectacular series - plenty of action, drama, suspense... great filming, great overall production values. Check it out! While you're there, look around the site - it's been overhauled. Each video has its own page now (with much more info than before), and there's a new online store, selling t-shirts, and the Codex Soundtrack. (Louis Wu 12:28:00 UTC)

August 13, 2005 Link to this post

The Squadron Ep 2: Check
The folks at Broken Console have posted Episode 2 of their machinima series, The Squadron. You can grab it in either WMP9 or QuickTime formats at their website - roughly 15 mb, depending on the format. Continues the humor-with-a-storyline they started with episode one - go watch! (Louis Wu 05:04:51 UTC)

August 12, 2005 Link to this post

A Tale of Two Countries
Arcadian Flame, of Chairleg Productions, has put together A Tale of Two Countries - an attempt to highlight some of the differences between the UK and the US. Chairleg uses (appropriately for this site) the Halo engine in this display. The Movie Peer Review Rating System passed this by a wide margin. You can grab a copy in WMP9 format (29.8 mb) or QuickTime format (27.1 mb) - and laugh all the way to the pub... er, I mean, the bar. (Louis Wu 16:36:56 UTC)

August 11, 2005 Link to this post

Things I Learned While Playing Halo 2 (Ep 2-Redux)
A few days ago, we mentioned a video available at halo2forum - it was created by Xpl0d3r, of Clan HollywoodHalo, and it looked at some lessons than can be gleaned from playing Halo 2. (Well... sort of.) He submitted it to the MPRRS, and the reviewing crew liked it - so we're making it available here, as well. You can grab a QuickTime version (32.3 mb), or a WMP9 version (34.6 mb). Remember: When you can't find a deal - make one. (Louis Wu 17:35:37 UTC)

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