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November 15, 2005 Link to this post

Four on One
After Stat wrote to point out a video over at Final Supremacy - it's called 'Four on One', and is exactly that - a nicely filmed game of slayer on Lockout, where all of the Blue team except for one quit at the start. I'm not sure where it goes - the resolution isn't nearly as clearcut as I'd expected it to be... but the angles are nice. 67 mb, in MPEG1 format. (Louis Wu 17:00:20 UTC)

November 13, 2005 Link to this post

Halo 2 Soundtrack - from a High School Marching Band
Cybrfrk spent the day at the Arizona State High School marching band competition yesterday (congrats to his son's band, rated as Excellent at the event!). He was taking pictures with his digital camera when Sandra Day O'Connor High School, from Deer Valley, Arizona, took the field - they performed a program called 'Halo 2'. He recorded it using the camera's video mode - so the video is small, but the audio is fine; check out the songs they did! Eight and a half minutes, QuickTime (14.3 mb) or WMP9 (13.7 mb). (Louis Wu 18:49:24 UTC)

November 13, 2005 Link to this post

ItWasLuck - montage
There's a pretty impressive montage over at Halo2Forum.com - ItWasLuck has released a bunch of full game vids (not montages, but start-to-finish games) with halo pros in them, now you can see some of the highlights of these and other matches. The guy is pretty impressive with a sniper rifle. 83 mb, WMP9 format. (Louis Wu 17:06:58 UTC)

November 12, 2005 Link to this post

Waiting in Line - now in QT
Last night, Chairleg Productions' Waiting In Line passed the MPRRS - we'd already posted a note about it, and Chairleg said they weren't looking for hosting... but passing the MPRRS means we're happy hosting versions the original host isn't offering - so for folks who'd rather watch QuickTime (and who don't want to settle for the PSP-formatted version), you can now grab a full-size QuickTime (23 mb) of this video from us. British queue humor, applied to the Xbox360 situation - grab a copy! (And if you're seeing this for the first time, our news post from Thursday contains a WMP9 link hosted by Chairleg.) (Louis Wu 12:01:12 UTC)

November 12, 2005 Link to this post

Blood Covenant Update
Halo: Blood Covenant is a 2D sidescroller we haven't heard from since May - but last night Tucker let us know that they've released a short (38 second) vid showing some of the progress they've made. The last time they released a movie, it killed their servers - so we're putting up copies of this for them - please download here. WMP is 4.1 mb, QuickTime is 4 mb. Looking pretty fun! (Louis Wu 11:51:20 UTC)

November 11, 2005 Link to this post

Two Betrayals. Less than 12 minutes.
Gah. I totally spaced on putting this up earlier this week. insidi0us continues his work on speedruns (yeah, I know, we should be leaving this stuff to High Speed Halo... but insidi0us sends it here, and it's just so amazing!) - his latest target is Two Betrayals. The current run is only on Normal difficulty... but he shaved SO much time off the Going Nowhere Fast record of 25:03 that I couldn't pass it up. He finished the level in... yep, 11:52. (!!!!) Probably the sweetest move in the run comes at around 9:20... but man, the whole run just kicks. This is big - because it's long - and the quality isn't fantastic... but if you're a fan of speedruns, you gotta see this. (He released a 17:23 Legendary run last month, so while he might not be able to get a sub-12-minute run on that difficulty, we know for sure he can beat the previous record by at least a third.) Two Betrayals, less than 12 minutes: WMP9 is 87 mb, QuickTIme is 90 mb. (Louis Wu 15:28:59 UTC)

November 10, 2005 Link to this post

Fight Club
Broken Console Productions have released Episode 10 of The Squadron - once again, the humans escape from the jaws of certain death. Poor Durge... this one is WMP9-only, for the time being. Go grab a copy. (Louis Wu 21:46:40 UTC)

November 10, 2005 Link to this post

Waiting in Line
Chairleg Productions has posted a new movie - it's called 'Waiting in Line', and it's available in WMP9 and MP4 formats (the latter for PSP). If you grab the PSP version, be sure to save it under "/MP_ROOT/100ANV01". This vid highlights the quintessentially British queueing system, as Spartans wait for their Xbox360s - funny! Go watch. (Louis Wu 14:37:50 UTC)

November 9, 2005 Link to this post

Offending Every Grunt
That Weasel points out that the latest episode of Grunts are People Too!!, episode 22, 'Offending Every Grunt', has been posted in multiple formats - this one has been put together by TW and fans, rather than Mother's Tooth, but the series lives. Singing Hunters and trampolining Grunts... oddness. (Louis Wu 13:28:00 UTC)

November 8, 2005 Link to this post

Halo Fr3ak's Montage
Z points out Halo Fr3ak's Montage over at Halo2Forum.com - nice timing. 96 mb. Go look. (Louis Wu 23:32:24 UTC)

November 7, 2005 Link to this post

The Maw, Legendary - No Shots, No Deaths
This weekend, BoneKin released a run-through of the Maw, on Legendary, without a single shot being fired. (He does use grenades - which seems reasonable, since most of the enemies you face on that level (at that difficulty) are immune to melee attacks.) It's pretty big - because it's over 18 minutes long. It's pretty cool to watch someone do this entire level, on Legendary difficulty, without ever once firing a gun (or dying). It may not be for everyone... but we've put up local mirrors (both of his original WMP9 versions and a pair of QuickTime versions) because we think folks should be able to watch this if they want to, and we don't want to crush his university connection. (All links can be found in the forum post.) Enjoy! (Louis Wu 14:11:23 UTC)

November 6, 2005 Link to this post

RvB 66: Exploring Our Differences
Red vs Blue Episode 66 was posted last night for sponsors; they've moved to the H.264 codec for their QuickTime version, which means if your processor can handle it, you can get a great-looking video that's only 9 mb (vs almost 30 mb for the other two flavors). The episode itself is pretty funny - I'm starting to feel sorry for Simmons. Not REALLY sorry... but a little bit. This ep will be available for non-sponsors by Monday. First heads-up goes to ShdwRngr. (Louis Wu 11:37:18 UTC)

November 5, 2005 Link to this post

It's shorter than the Oscars, I guess.
Wonga. That Weasel has posted a note explaining that the Rockets on Prisoner Awards ceremony is now downloadable. It's... pretty long. Almost an hour and a half long. Downloadable, in either WMP9 format (228 mb) or QuickTime format (291 mb). I tried to watch it... but my QuickTime player crashed. The forum post contains plenty of other links, including text versions of all the winners, if you missed them. (Louis Wu 14:21:07 UTC)

November 4, 2005 Link to this post

The Squadron Ep 9
Broken Console Productions have posted The Squadron Episode 9 - the team has almost found a way out of Turf. WMP9 is up now (14.5 mb) - the QuickTime is on its way. Go watch! (Louis Wu 20:12:00 UTC)

November 3, 2005 Link to this post

Halo2Forum Video Mania
Four new movies at Halo2Forum today - The Last Man Standing (12.7 mb) is a Halo 1 story summed up by its title, and there's a montage trailer from Domain Productions (21 mb), a demo of a mod that turns Banshees in to X-Wing fighters (28.3 mb), and a montage/gameplay vid from OscarMayerNinja (73 mb), where games are broken into 'missions'; there's less cutting, and more fast-forwarding. All vids except the domain productions vid are in WMP9 format - that one is .AVI. (Louis Wu 15:59:21 UTC)

November 2, 2005 Link to this post

HIH already stole the best headline for this.
Ash pointed out a pretty fun vid that got front-paged over at High Impact Halo; a live marine, launched up to the double-bridge on AotCR. It got the thumbs-up from Ducain, as well. It tickles my funnybone that today, less than two weeks from the fourth anniversary of the release of Halo, people are STILL finding new things to do with the original game. You can grab two different WMP9 vids in the forum thread that the HIH newspost will get you to, a short one showing just the successful jump and a longer one showing some pretty entertaining buildup - we're gonna offer you a QuickTime version of the longer one, as well, because... well, because we're like that. Nice work, SneakyPete! (Louis Wu 14:53:01 UTC)

October 31, 2005 Link to this post

Hell Quarters
CROSSFIRE submitted his vid, 'Hell Quarters', to the MPRRS last night - and it passed with flying colors. Reviewers liked the camerawork, the ambience, the action-driven story. You can grab a copy in WMP9 format (49.6 mb) or QuickTime format (51.1 mb). Worth watching! (Louis Wu 20:17:30 UTC)

October 31, 2005 Link to this post

New vids at H2F
Z dropped us a note about a couple of vids to be had over at halo2forum.com; some great FFA gameplay filmed by ItWasLuck (quality is superb, and the gameplay is intense, especially as the game gets going), and a frenetic montage from HockyFreak22, with lots of sticks, snipes, and effects. (Z also wanted to point out a new montage contest starting December 1 - the prize is an Xbox360.) Go check it all out! (Louis Wu 19:30:30 UTC)

October 30, 2005 Link to this post

8th Time's The Charm
In what is easily the most dedicated attempt to get a movie out to the Halo Community, PajKajJL submitted his 'Bulletspeed' to the MPRRS this morning... for the 8th time. It took two and a half months, and 8 iterations, to get through the rating system with a passing grade... but the work was worth it - the final product, a machinima piece about a pair of anti-terrorist agents working to protect a city, is nicely polished. QuickTime (33.8 mb) or WMP9 (32.4 mb) format. Go get it! (Louis Wu 23:58:22 UTC)

October 29, 2005 Link to this post

Machinima synergy
In early October, Elnea released 'Blow Boys Away', a girl-gamer anthem - er, parody. A couple of weeks later, QuackJAG created a HaloCE-based video that brought that song to life, visually. Now, ANOTHER video version has been released; Amanda and Sevenar, of Silver Stars/Purple Hearts, have whipped up a pretty slick Sims2/Halo2 meld that uses the character that Elnea voices as a lead singer, coupled with great footage (both band and gameplay) - this one should be seen. I found this in Elnea's RvB journal, which has links to the hi-res WMP9 and low-res QuickTime that are being served by Amanda and Sevenar - if you're not an RvB member, you won't be able to see that anyway. To reduce strain on their server, I'm offering the hi-res WMP9 (17 mb), the low-res QT (8 mb), and a new hi-res QuickTime (16.6 mb) - grab the one that makes the most sense to you. (Louis Wu 18:00:19 UTC)

October 27, 2005 Link to this post

Inside the Bungie Offices
Mat Noguchi gave a studio tour to Scobelizer, of Channel 9 - it's pretty heavy on the geek side of Mat's job (and Halo development in general), but for those who like that stuff, it's pretty interesting. Vid is tiny, but quite watchable. Thanks to Mat, who was FIRST!!, and to Odyon, who noticed it on Scobelizer's blog. Format is streaming WMP9 (ugh). (Louis Wu 19:25:03 UTC)

October 27, 2005 Link to this post

PraetoriaGuard, Episode 4 - Redux
A couple of weeks ago, PraetoriaGuard posted their fourth comedy montage - this morning, it was submitted to the Movie Peer Review Rating System. They don't need hosting... but all that's available on their site is a high-res WMP9 that weighs in at 121 mb, and a lower-res version that weighs in at 36 mb (but is SERIOUSLY over-compressed, with an odd aspect ratio). We're offering you a hi-res QuickTime, as well (640x480, 122 mb), and both a medium-res WMP9 (480x360, 52.9 mb) and a medium-res QuickTime (480x360, 55.4 mb). If you haven't seen this yet, grab a copy now; it's chock-full of funny skits, nicely filmed. (Louis Wu 02:18:14 UTC)

October 26, 2005 Link to this post

We can control sand.
Broken Console has released episode 8 of The Squadron, in both WMP9 (21 mb) and QuickTime (19 mb) formats. Turf's in some serious trouble... go watch! As usual, high-quality cinematography, audio, the works. (Louis Wu 14:28:16 UTC)

October 25, 2005 Link to this post

Origins of Machinima
Arcadian Flame, of Chairleg Productions, submitted a short history of Machinima to the MPRRS. It passed. It's pretty funny. We're hosting the WMP9 (33.5 mb) and QuickTime (28.7 mb) formats, and you can grab a PSP-formatted version on their website. We definitely need more vids like this - great audio, humor... nice work! (Louis Wu 15:30:27 UTC)

October 25, 2005 Link to this post

17 Days Through Hell Trailer
DOH! I forgot to post this yesterday; it passed the MPRRS on Sunday night. It's a trailer for 'From the Oder to the Elbe: 17 Days Through Hell', and it was created by Roland. Screen format is a very strange 1200x600 pixels, but if that doesn't fit on your screen, you can watch it at 50% resolution, and it will actually look better. It's a trailer for an upcoming World War II reenactment. The WMP9 version is 21.7 mb, the QuickTime version is 21.9 mb. Enjoy! (Louis Wu 11:06:10 UTC)

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