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July 9, 2007 Link to this post

Lost Cause Teaser
Haloplayer stopped by to point out a teaser for Lost: Halostyle Season 2; it's called Lost Cause, and it looks to continue the fine work the crew did in Season 1. There are multiple versions (and sources) listed in his forum post - go grab one! (Louis Wu 15:00:36 UTC)

July 8, 2007 Link to this post

The History of Metroid Online
Seraphim wrote to us to point out The History of Metroid Online, a nearly half hour long movie showing exactly how this HaloCE mod came to be. I'm not sure who this is aimed at - it's awfully long, and about a relatively obscure subject, to be of interest to the general Halo public... but if you're interested in how they got to where they are, go watch! (Louis Wu 11:44:22 UTC)

July 7, 2007 Link to this post

...For The Sake of Talking
IceWeasel is back, celebrating Bungie Day with yet another stop-motion film starring his ODST and his Heretic Elite (with a few extra characters this time around). Rather surreal in parts. (His first production was here, and his second here.) Nicely done! (Louis Wu 21:27:16 UTC)

July 7, 2007 Link to this post

Fallout Preview
Turtle Mann stopped by our forum to point out a trailer for Fallout, an upcoming action series. Cinematography is intriguing - this one looks to be good! Check it out. (Louis Wu 11:22:49 UTC)

July 4, 2007 Link to this post

You know, I gotta say, when I read Morpheus' forum post about a video his buddy made, I wasn't expecting much... but I found that the actual result was pretty funny. Go watch Master Chief's United States of Whatever at YouTube - it's 3 minutes of nicely timed silliness. (Louis Wu 11:55:06 UTC)

July 2, 2007 Link to this post

The Blade: Teaser Trailer 2
Aglor stopped by to point out a teaser trailer for The Blade, an upcoming machinima project. Looks to be a mix of space battles and up-close combat. Take a look! (Louis Wu 15:43:14 UTC)

July 1, 2007 Link to this post

Lego Teaser Trailer
Kooberz is building a stop-motion movie based in Zanzibar - check out the trailer at Gametrailers. This should be fun! (Louis Wu 18:27:56 UTC)

July 1, 2007 Link to this post

This Place is a Prison
trigger119 has put together 'This Place is a Prison', a music video set to the song by The Postal Service. Downloadable in WMP9 or QuickTime formats (the QT is a bit larger, but the quality is WAY better) - interesting visuals. Give it a look! (Louis Wu 17:15:14 UTC)

June 29, 2007 Link to this post

Multiverse, in High Res
We'll be posting the full collection of Zune Giveaway finalists in the not-too-distant future... but Jamie98s has released a high-res version of his 'Multiverse' vid over at GamingTV - check it out! (Louis Wu 11:55:38 UTC)

June 28, 2007 Link to this post

Blood Gulch Chronicles Ep 100
The final episode of Red vs Blue's Blood Gulch Chronicles was released this morning - it's up for everyone now (sponsors and the general public alike). It answers some questions, wraps up some storylines, and, well... go watch it. (If it seems like there are three separate links for the movie... there are.) No spoilers here. (Lots of good lines, though.) Congrats to the Rooster Teeth crew - amazing job! (There's also a really short interview with Gus over at 1Up.com.) (Louis Wu 11:54:48 UTC)

June 26, 2007 Link to this post

Heh - we got word from Trevor Mack that there was a monster montage at Halo3Forum; 22 minutes, 350 mb, gameplay from a host of players. I told him that we generally don't front-page H3F montages unless the request comes from the site owner - and that 22 minutes is pretty ridiculous for a montage anyway. Curious, though, I downloaded it; I mean... 22 minutes? I gotta say - I was floored by the gameplay. Some INSANE kills. Tweak is astoundingly good with noscopes from the back of a Mongoose. Not too long after that, I got a note from Z, asking if we'd announce this very montage - so there you go. If you love montages, and have the time (and disk space) to grab a 350 mb movie... go get Calamity. (Louis Wu 20:14:52 UTC)

June 25, 2007 Link to this post

Mario vs. Spartan
trigger119 sent word of Mario vs. Spartan, a short machinima with a very well-done battle scene between Mario and a Halo 2 Spartan. It's only a few megs - go grab it! (If you're curious about the new TLD for GamingTV, read this post.) (Louis Wu 21:50:07 UTC)

June 25, 2007 Link to this post

Flugtag Halo Entry, On Film
eddie m noticed that Red Bull USA posted a video of the Halo Ghost Bike entry to the Flugtag competition this weekend in Nashville... watch the guys ham it up for the camera before their attempt... and then watch the attempt itself. I give 'em straight 10s for style, myself. (Louis Wu 20:42:42 UTC)

June 25, 2007 Link to this post

When Admins Forget
Bzerker wrote to let us know that Treeskunk Productions has released Outpost: Backwash Episode 0: Before the Beginning - it's available in multiple formats, ranging from 21 to 74 mb. It sets up the mission the Elites have before them... and the interaction between players. Go watch! Update: wow, it's one of those days. We announced Ep0 of O:B back in October of last year; the steel trap is definitely disintegrating. What Bzerker was pointing out to us was not Ep0, but a totally unrelated film on the same page: the TSP Commercial (down at the bottom). Filmed on Desolation, it's a shameless commercial for both Treeskunk Productions and Second-Foundation.net (though it uses humor to take the edge off the selling). Go watch! (Louis Wu 18:15:47 UTC)

June 24, 2007 Link to this post

The Spartan Effect: Episode 5
A couple of days ago, Rookie Rabbit Productions released The Spartan Effect: Episode 5. It's up to their usual standards (check our news archive for older episodes), and they've asked for some hosting help, so that folks don't have to deal with FileFront if they don't want to - we're happy to oblige. You can grab the original WMP9 file (61.5) or a re-encoded QuickTime (58.5 mb) from our servers. (Their server has links to many other flavors; if you'd rather watch this on YouTube, you certainly can.) (Louis Wu 14:47:52 UTC)

June 22, 2007 Link to this post

Brothers of War: Episode 10 Trailer
Time Glitch stopped by our forum to point out a trailer for 'Brothers of War: Episode 10'. Nice voiceover, nice camera shots. Looking forward to the film! (Louis Wu 13:28:18 UTC)

June 22, 2007 Link to this post

Harenil Betatage 2
Harenil released his second Halo 3 montage - nice kills, nice cuts, a fun watch. It's pretty large; 177 mb for a 7 minute flick. Great quality, though. (Louis Wu 13:24:23 UTC)

June 21, 2007 Link to this post

The Making of Starry Night
Wow, very cool. S3NATOR noticed that over at the Digital Domain website, they not only have the Starry Night commercial shown last December, but they have a very cool 'Making Of Starry Night' piece, as well. The site is Flash-based, so you'll have to navigate there. Go to 'Commercials', then 'Behind the Scenes'. Click on the Starry Night image in the top row, and you'll get the commercial, along with clips showing how it was put together. Very fun to watch. (Louis Wu 15:02:05 UTC)

June 20, 2007 Link to this post

Chase, Revamped
Nabsuh has reworked his original CHASE video (we mentioned the old one here). Different ships this time around - way cooler effects. Check it out - it's quite small! (Louis Wu 16:52:25 UTC)

June 17, 2007 Link to this post

Fan Montages
A couple of montage offerings mentioned on our forum recently - Nick Burgos pointed out a collaboration between a number of fans, and trigger119 put together his own footage. Take a look. (Louis Wu 17:40:08 UTC)

June 13, 2007 Link to this post

The Forsaken (a Halo 3 Horror Film)
Time Glitch stopped by to point out 'The Forsaken', a new machinima from Flem Productions - it's a cool little story about MIAs/KIAs, nicely filmed in the Halo 3 Beta. Lots of links in the forum post. Go grab a copy! (Louis Wu 20:46:28 UTC)

June 13, 2007 Link to this post

Forum Floodage - and Halo Unyielding
Wow. So the whole AdjutantReflex thing (looks to be another ARG, this time with possible Bungie input) is taking over our forum - it's cool, but it's drowning out all other content. (It's hard to find tidbits now. I'd be willing to put up a temporary forum specifically for this discussion, if I could get some volunteers I trusted to admin it... please let me know if this appeals.) In the meantime, I'm going to try and tease out the goodies that are buried between AR-related posts. The first thing I noticed was an announcement by Laird that a new trailer for Halo Unyielding Part 2 has been released; nice space battle scenes! Take a look. WMP9 format, 15 mb (with a QT coming soon, apparently). Update: Mirrored now at GamingTV, along with a self-encoded QT and a streaming flash version. Thanks, trigger119. (Louis Wu 15:05:17 UTC)

June 12, 2007 Link to this post

Best of Both Worlds v2 Part 1
Z dropped us a line about another dualtage - Gears of War and Halo 3, from inX 2Bit. Enormous file (172 mb for 6 minutes) - but the quality's quite nice. Good footage, too. (Louis Wu 06:02:39 UTC)

June 11, 2007 Link to this post

Breakin' Up
Obienator made a funny little vid in honor of the end of the Halo 3 Beta - you can check it out on YouTube, or download it in high-res flavors from us. (All links are in his forum post.) I KNEW there was something funky about that game... (Louis Wu 16:16:06 UTC)

June 11, 2007 Link to this post

The Halo 3 Beta: A Noob's Guide
QuickTactical pointed out 'The Halo 3 Beta: A Noob's Guide', a new movie made by Epic Films (directed by EAGLE EYE 318, filmed by QuickTactical). Voices are a bit quiet - but it does a pretty nice job of pointing out some of the intricacies of the Halo 3 Beta, and is funny to boot. Vid quality is very high. Mythica, YouTube, b.org links are all in the forum post. (Louis Wu 13:55:34 UTC)

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