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Halo news back Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Halo news forward

Battle Golf Gameplay Shows Off New Custom Scoring, Item Detection and Objective Markers Coming in New Update
You have to deal with Gamespot's wonderful video player, but if you want to see some gameplay of the new 'Battle Golf' gametype coming to Halo 5, it's up now. Kind of gives you an idea of custom scoring, item detection and objective markers that are coming to Forge and what it sounds like to have a grunt as your gameplay announcer too! (MacGyver10 19:46:48 UTC) (permalink)


Canon Fodder #94 - 'Bounty Hunters' (Lore Bits on New REQs, Forge Canvases and Grunt Mechs)
Looks like the powers-that-be let Grim escape the confines of the Halo Community Update again for Canon Fodder #94, 'Bounty Hunters'. Mr. BrotherOne gives us some lore insight into the coming REQs, new Forge canvases and a refresh of the Grunt Mech (to include a Halo 3-style Scarab Gun!). (MacGyver10 19:01:26 UTC) (permalink)


Battle Golf, Race, King of The Hill and A Whole Slew of Forge Goodies Detailed at Gamespot
ChrisTheeCrappy shared some new info coming to us in tomorrow's latest free Halo 5 update. Check out the piece at Gamespot to see what new things are coming our way in Forge and for gametypes! (MacGyver10 18:46:42 UTC) (permalink)


Play Warzone Tonight With Real-Life People (For the Most Part)
Need some folks to jump into Warzone with? The CC/CN crew is hosting another 'Warzone Wednesday' tonight starting at 7pm EST. If that's too early for you, they'll be on there for a couple hours for sure! (MacGyver10 18:44:38 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

Spartanx5 Takes on Connie from Red Vs Blue In Some Amazing Fan Art
Halo 5's Latest FREE Update, 'Monitor's Bounty' Arrives Under the Tree on December 8th

Monday's news in brief:

343 Industries Perfecting Their Foreplay With Content Update Teases
Complete Your Mattel Blue Team Collection with Fred and Kelly
Opening Presents Early, Finds Possible New Gametypes, Profit?
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