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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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27 May 2007: Overswarm has set up his own site - you can view it at www.overswarm.com. This content will remain here - but it is unlikely to be updated any more. Go check out what he's doing these days!

"There is no surer sign of insanity than trying the same thing repeatedly expecting different results."
      -Albert Einstein

Before reading my guide, know that it is just that. A guide. A guide will help you, but you still have to take the steps yourself. Reading this will not allow you to get perfect shots every time, reading this will not make you a pro halo 2 player. Reading this will have the same effect as reading any other "how to" book. If you want to be a halo pro, you must do more than read the book about halo skills; you have to understand, absorb, and apply what you read. If you are weak, if you are lazy, or if you are stubborn, this guide will do no good. If you do not take the game seriously, you will be crushed by those that do. You have to admit to yourself that you want to get better, and you have to admit that you are not perfect. I know that I am not perfect, and I strive to be. That's what this guide is about, and that's what this guide is to help you with. Getting on the path to perfection.

I'm not going to baby you through this; that's not my style. This guide was meant for intermediate players, not beginners. If you still have to look at your controller when you want to find the X button, this guide is not for you just yet. A lot of this information is common sense, but as the title of my guide implies, a lot of it has been overlooked by the halo 2 community. The difference between human weapons and covenant weapons, different jumping techniques, how to slightly alter your rate of fire, how to double melee, and many more things are simply overlooked. Expect to see those in this guide.

I will also be giving team strategies, mainly for skirmish but also quite a few for slayer. My strategies require 100% cooperation between teammates. That means no glory hogs, no star players, no independent thought. When you are using one of my strategies, you have to be a machine. One player ignoring the core of the strategy will make all the other players fail in their tasks miserably. The one player who ignored the strategy will always look like he has done better, but at the cost of losing the game.

On the other hand, there will always be times when strategies fail. All good strategies rely on not only the understanding of said strategy, but the application from each individual. There are times when players will fail at their tasks, or be interrupted by the enemy. In instances in where your teammates fall short of expectations, or the enemy overcomes you, you have to know what to do yourself to help the team.

Since you have to be able to hold your own, even if your teammates fall short, I'm going to have a wealth of information provided to you to help you control your actions and achieve victory regularly. A lot of this will be basic information, and some of it will be rarely known information. It will all start out as general information, and then will focus in on one specific point. I will teach you how to move first, then how to move when you have a sniper rifle. After you know how to move, I will teach you where to move. After you know where to move, I will teach you how to use it. After you know how to use it, I will teach you specific techniques for the sniper rifle. After all of that, I will teach you how to play against what I have taught.

In the coming weeks, months, perhaps even years, you will receive updates from me. They will all start off as text documents much like this one. Many of them will be accompanied by videos (or soon have videos added), which will have commentary to explain what I'm doing. Hopefully that will be enjoyable to everyone, and help them all easily understand the points I'm trying to get across. It should also help the "skim" readers, which would rather watch two minutes of video rather than read two pages of text, get at least a little help out of my guides.

I am not making this for profit, fame, or any other sort of personal gain. I am making this for every person who is willing to read it. Since that is the case, I am open to any suggestions. If you would like to applaud my efforts, throw insults at me, make suggestions, offers, or point out mistakes I've made in my articles, feel free to e-mail me at overswarm@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy my guides.

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