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December 2017 Archived News

News December 8 2017


Rockslider Gets In Flood's Face, and They Don't Like It!
The radar-blipping flood at the beginning of 343 Guilty Spark like to keep their distance, but Rockslider manages to get up close and personal with one of those guys he affectionately calls 'log guy'. (MacGyver10 22:43:08 UTC) (permalink)


News December 5 2017


Rockslider Searches for Elusive 'Yeti Flood'
Rockslider goes up against the flood in the beginning of 343 Guilty Spark, not content to just watch them set off the motion tracker. There's some nice spawn control shown, but when he starts tagging the flood with plasma grenades, things get impressive! (MacGyver10 14:16:25 UTC) (permalink)


News December 1 2017


Halo Community Update 11/30/17 - 'Tryptophan Service'
Following up the turkey-centric holiday, the recently grimgaged GrimBrother One put together a new Halo Community Update that hits on the Halo Championship Series, some upcoming charity streaming and plenty of community content! (MacGyver10 23:39:28 UTC) (permalink)


FUDcast Episode 24 'Grunt Dinner Party' with Special Guest Haruspis
Davidfuchs dropped in with word of the latest FUDcast's arrival. Episode 24 'Grunt Dinner Party' with special guest Haruspis. They discuss the Sentinels, breakfast clubs, and angry aliens of Halo: Legacy of Onyx. (MacGyver10 23:36:29 UTC) (permalink)

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