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May 5, 2004 Link to this post

So I'm lookin' through the uploads folder, and there's this huge movie, and the name rings a bell. Someone named Mike just sent an email about it. Half the guys I know are named Mike... could be anyone. So I grab it and I start watching it, right? And it's a little slow... another black-and-white legendary thing... I'm thinkin' I've seen too many of these... oh, good, there's some color. Okay, so he's playing through pieces of the game, big deal, why am I was—hey, he's pretty good with that plasma pistol! So my son wanders into the room, and we watch him take down a few elites with nice snipershots. And then there's this balls-to-the-wall jump-out-of-the-banshee attack on a Wraith. Cool. Something's tingling, though - I've seen this style before. About the time we watch The Best Gold Elite Kill Ever, I'm scrabbling back through my email, trying to place this guy. Hmm... random AOL address, nothing's jumping to mind. The Steel Trap is definitely rusted. A quick search... Mike Miller sent in two of the best vids we've seen (In Too Deep and Winning Isn't Everything), and now he's taken the hat trick with Legend. 30 mb, QuickTime format, 8:32 long. There's a copy at Mythica, too, just because I haven't stressed Brian enough recently. You gotta watch this, just for the outtakes at the end. And that elite kill. (And the pair following it.) And Mike - I'm really sorry I didn't recognize the address. Though I must say, having the movie unfold like that was worth not knowing. Update: We've got 4 mirrors to tell you about for this film - Coerce.net has mirrored it, as has clarksbrother, in three places (here, here, and here). If our main sites begin to lag, grab a mirror! (Thanks, guys!) (Louis Wu 00:19:50 UTC)

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