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October 30, 2004 Link to this post

Hi-res QT of the Multiplayer Featurette
There's plenty more news, but it's gonna have to wait until morning - I've got stuff to do. In the meantime - I have a Hi-res version of the Multiplayer Featurette for you, in QuickTime format. It's a bit washed out when compared to the original - but I was in a hurry. ;) We're a bit short of large bandwidth this close to the end of the month, so I've BitTorrented it. If you really hate it (or you can't use BitTorrent), there are other options - IGN has put up both a high and low res version... but they're both HUGE. (The high-res is 640x480, 209 mb, the low-res is 320x240, 53 mb.) Gamespot, as well, has a couple of QTs up: 152 mb for the high, 71 for the low. (Thanks, JHawk.) You have to be an Insider or a Gamespot Complete member, as well, to get to those. That torrent file? It's 51 mb. Grab it now! (I'll have a 320x240 version - in the range of about 20 mb - up by tomorrow.) (Louis Wu 02:32:22 UTC)

October 29, 2004 Link to this post

Eye Candy
New video, straight from Bungie - the new trailer (both long and short versions), in English, French, German, and Italian... last summer's movie teaser... and the bonus of bonuses, a multiplayer featurette yanked off the Making of Halo DVD (high and low res, 88 or 44 mb, WMP9 format). Go watch the fantastic fllmmaking of Jim McQuillan and Film Oasis as they turn Bungie opinion and chatter into a work of art. Yeehaw! (While we're mentioning the launch ad, we should mention that the German version is also available in DivX format from HaloUniverse.) What are you waiting for? (Mac users - we'll do our best to get a QT version out in the next day or so. This came as a total surprise, though, so it's not ready yet.) (Louis Wu 20:08:15 UTC)

October 28, 2004 Link to this post

Halo Commercial - Extended
Variation was able to send us a 60-second variant of the Halo 2 commercial now playing on US television (Hopefully, today, I'll be able to find time to compile a list of all the different versions that have been put out there). It's the same commercial - just fleshed out a bit. This version is 320x240, and available in both WMP9 format (2.3 mb) or QuickTime format (3.7 mb). More grist for the speculation mill... Update: Thanks to ajenteks, who pointed out that our links for the 60-second commercial are totally swamped. I've tossed new copies on mythica.org - both the WMP9 version and the QuickTime version are there. Grab whichever mirror is faster for you. (Louis Wu 10:42:16 UTC)

October 27, 2004 Link to this post

It's movie night at HBO
We've got a bunch of backlogged movies that folks have submitted - there have been some recent releases that have swamped us. There's also some extra bandwidth online right now, so why not make use of it? Over at Boomerica.com, thanks to KP, we've got a film called 'There and Back Again', from Andras Ostrom. It sets Halo footage to dialogue from Starcraft, and it works petty well. Minor spoilers for folks still worried about original Halo spoilers. QuickTime format, 3:29 long, 7.6 mb. While we're mentioning movies, the third segment of 'Heart is a Lonely Hunter' is also available tonight - 39.3 mb from either mythica.org or files.bungie.org. (Search our news for earlier segments, or the entire file in one shot.) (Louis Wu 02:24:40 UTC)

October 26, 2004 Link to this post

That Halo 2 Commercial
Thank you to the DOZENS of people writing in with links to a small (320x240) version of the newest Halo 2 commercial - but thanks to metaphyber, we've got a nice hi-res version for you. 640x480, available in both QuickTime (5.4 mb) or DivX (3.8 mb). We just got word that there's a smaller DivX (480x352, 2.4 mb) at Filerush, and many, many people have told us about the copy uploaded to Brian Towne's community server (mpeg1, 320x240, 5 mb). Grab whatever works for you. (Louis Wu 02:13:12 UTC)

October 25, 2004 Link to this post

Deimos Fawkes, of Subnova, has put together a techno tribute to I Love Bees - though non ILB-followers who enjoy techno should like it, too. MPEG-4 format, 4:42 long, 4.3 mb. It's called 'Parabolic Lemonade Failure'. (Also available in mp3 format.) (Louis Wu 16:31:54 UTC)

October 25, 2004 Link to this post

Bottom to the Top - in one shot
Missed this over the weekend... but Ms Man, in his quest to finish the unfinished in Halo before Halo 2 comes out (I just made that up, I don't know if that's really his goal), has blasted his way all the way from the bottom of Halo (the level)... to the top. Wow. Movie link, and a forum thread to talk about it, can be found over at High Impact Halo. Thanks, Ducain. (Louis Wu 13:35:14 UTC)

October 23, 2004 Link to this post

Top of Boarding Action
Foxygrandpa, Silverspoon, and Ms. Man have made it to the top of Boarding Action. There's a bit of extra hardware involved - some sort of box that allows control of multiple players. There's a video - 32 mb, WMP9 format - showing the details. All this and more can be found in the forum thread at High Impact Halo. Nice! (Louis Wu 20:18:58 UTC)

October 23, 2004 Link to this post

MTV video - again
Finalcutmac points out that there's a video link for the MTV vid we mentioned yesterday, right on the MTV page that contains the story. (Look in the right navbar for 'Audio & Video'.) Unfortunately, they actively weed out Mac users - something I find pretty dang annoying. I therefore extracted the url to the actual video stream - this should work on any platform with the ability to read mms streams. (Unless, of course, they change it.) Update: Looks like the direct URL has been turned off; someone at MTV decided they didn't like direct-linking. I can't really blame them, except that I think it's really dumb that they won't let Mac users even TRY. (We have a perfectly functional WMP9 that works just fine with their movie...) Sorry, folks. (Louis Wu 13:12:26 UTC)

October 23, 2004 Link to this post

Visiting Old Friends
If you're a registered member (free) of RedvsBlue.com, you can grab Episode 40 from their forum. 7:22 long, ranging from 31 to 48 mb, depending on version. I gotta say... it's gettin' weird. Thanks to Ross Mills for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 13:07:48 UTC)

October 23, 2004 Link to this post

Lonely Hunter - Part 2, finally
Apologies for the delay - I promised last week that we'd continue releasing segments of 'My Heart is a Lonely Hunter' every few days, and it's been almost a week. I realize that more than 1500 of you have grabbed the entire movie via BitTorrent in the last couple of days... but many are still waiting patiently for the smaller pieces. You can grab Part 2 either on mythica.org or files.bungie.org - Part 3 will follow soon. (Part 1, if you missed it and can't handle the BitTorrent version, can be grabbed at the links in this news post.) [I actually wrote this - and posted it - about 12 hours ago... but somehow, I managed to forget to actually FINISH the posting process. Sorry to everyone involved.] Update: the DJ writes to say that all released pieces so far (the trailer, part 1, part 2, and the full 30-minute movie) can be found on Halo Impulse, as well. Thanks! (Louis Wu 12:08:08 UTC)

October 22, 2004 Link to this post

French Commercial - now viewable
Another one from Hikaru-119; he's uploaded the French commercial mentioned earlier to Brian Towne's public service server - you can grab it from there. 2.2 mb, MPEG1 format. (Louis Wu 21:49:38 UTC)

October 22, 2004 Link to this post

Two new video clips for you today, around the web; Xbox Central is hosting an MTV news clip showing the 'Halo 2 Council' (celebrities getting special Halo 2 goodies) and the Pelican case'd Xbox/screen that's among their loot: 8 mb, WMP9 format (thanks, Ben Bayes), and there's a higher-res version of the leaked EB Games commercial we saw a couple of weeks ago; unfortunately, the only place it's currently available is on a site hosting pirated information, so we're not going to pass out the URL. (It's also in French.) Thanks, Hikaru-119. Update: Gah, I should have passed on this news item altogether. Warbow points out that the MTV piece is no longer available, either. Sorry. (Louis Wu 14:41:19 UTC)

October 21, 2004 Link to this post

Lonely Hunter - in full
Well, it took longer than any of us expected - but you can now grab 'Heart is a Lonely Hunter' in one fell 203 mb swoop. If you don't know what this movie is, here's the first news post I made about it. We'll continue releasing chapters for folks who don't want the whole thing in one shot - but for those with a fast connection, you can grab the entire movie tonight, and watch the whole 30 minutes without waiting. I just watched it again this afternoon... and I must say, I still believe this is one of the best pieces released in the Halo community - ever. Update: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter website is back up with a new forum, if you'd like to discuss this movie. (Louis Wu 00:54:37 UTC)

October 21, 2004 Link to this post

Truth and Recon - livin' large
A few days ago, we mentioned that Ms Man had made it to the bottom of Truth and Reconciliation - at the time, there were only photos and a short, hard-to-understand vid. At this point, there's a full 12 minute, 42 mb WMP9, showing the whole level, with step-by-step instructions. It's really impressive. I don't have an alternate download link right now - but if Ms Man's bandwidth runs out, we'll add one tomorrow. There's a forum thread over at High Impact Halo about this stuff. (Louis Wu 00:42:31 UTC)

October 16, 2004 Link to this post

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Every once in a while, a Halo movie comes along that's head and shoulders above almost everything else out there. Great filmography, awesome sound, fantastic voice acting... if you look back on all of the Halo machinima creations that have been released (we're not talking music videos now, or gameplay presentations), there are only a couple that are up there in a class that can stand alone, be of interest OUTSIDE the Halo community. (Red vs Blue is probably the most prominent example.) Now (in my opinion), there's a new one. 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter' is a 30-minute movie which has it all; great acting, great storyline, great cinematography, great music, great effects. Humor and pathos, all rolled into a Halo-driven package. 30 minutes is WAY too much to release on the web in this format, so they've broken it up into 6 episodes. The first one (as well as a 1:14-long, 7.5 mb trailer) is available on the HiaLH website; It's 2:51 long, 20 mb, in QuickTime format. To ease the load on their server, we've mirrored this episode at mythica.org (and the trailer, too). Episode 2 will be released sometime early next week. Our forum is still down, so comments should be sent directly to the team (check their Contact page for email addresses) or to us - we'll pass them along. Update: As many of you have noticed, the HiaLH website is offline right now, for exceeding their bandwidth. We're tossing up another mirror of both of these files; you can find the trailer and Part 1 at files.bungie.org. We're talking about BitTorrenting the entire thing, but give us some time to work it out. (Louis Wu 15:18:51 UTC)

October 12, 2004 Link to this post

Video Cornucopia
A whole passel of movies for you this morning: a couple of 'Where are we now?' vids and a promo for the Homefront mod.

  • Hikaru-119's 'With Us' looks at where the Human race stands...
  • kwdono04's 'The Final Countdown' recaps our views of Halo 2 from announcement day through the present...
  • The Homefront team has released their Version 2 Video, a cinematic look at what's available in this Battlefield: Vietnam mod (and it looks pretty awesome).

Go grab the ones that interest you! (Louis Wu 13:51:50 UTC)

October 12, 2004 Link to this post

The Best Laid Plans...
Red vs Blue Episode 39, kicking off Season 3, is now available for download. It's 8:45 long, and currently only available in Lo-Res formats (they haven't started the sponsorship stuff yet). QuickTime is 49 mb, DivX is 48 mb, WMP9 is 36 mb - and whatever format you grab, the whole thing is pretty durn funny. Go watch! (Louis Wu 11:12:48 UTC)

October 12, 2004 Link to this post

Weekly Update Vid - QT, not squished
Took MUCH longer than I'd anticipated, but the aspect-corrected QuickTime versions of the Weekly Update movie are now available for download; your best bet is to snag one of the BitTorrent links for the Hi-res version, or a direct download for the smaller one. Thanks to all the hosts providing bandwidth here - this community ROCKS! (Louis Wu 00:01:32 UTC)

October 11, 2004 Link to this post

Bungie Weekly Update - Video
Bah. I was hoping that the QuickTime versions would generate quickly... but nothing ever goes as planned. Earlier today, Bungie released 'Bungie Weekly Update: Sexy Girls Gone Wild Video Edition' - which isn't nearly as racy as it sounds, though it IS a nice walk through the Bungie offices. Bungie.net is swamped at the moment, so we've put up a mirror list of both direct downloads and BitTorrent seeds for grabbing this movie. If you don't like WMP9 format (or you'd rather that the aspect ratio be correct) you might want to wait until the QuickTime versions are done - they're both 16:9 (the way the movie was intended to be) and should be online shortly. Meanwhile, if you're mirroring these files, feel free to send us links; we'll add them to this page. Thanks! (Louis Wu 21:08:40 UTC)

October 11, 2004 Link to this post

He did WHAT?
Ms Man has once again shown that there's more to Halo than you knew. This time, he managed to get a Banshee outside AotCR. Completely outside the level. To the point where you're looking at the map - as an enclosed space. And you're not in it. The video is 4:36 long, and 16 mb in WMP9 format. We've mirrored it, and created a QuickTime version (16.9 mb). Thanks, Juggertrout, for pointing out another jawdropper. (Louis Wu 00:21:57 UTC)

October 10, 2004 Link to this post

Freeloaders Strike Back
Yaksha points out Sponsors vs Freeloaders Episode 2: Freeloaders Strike Back, a movie parodying the relationship between Red vs Blue sponsors and those who want hi-res versions of the videos without paying for them. It's 9 minutes long, 12.7 mb large, in WMP9 format. There's some explanation of what this is about (and links to the first episode) on their website. (Louis Wu 21:14:44 UTC)

October 10, 2004 Link to this post

We Will... well, go watch it.
There's a new video from Ms Man - a whole series of funky glitches and tricks. 12:44 long, 14 mb, WMP9 format. Some really cool stuff in there. You can find a link to it in this forum post - if bandwidth runs out, drop us a note, we'll put up a copy. (Louis Wu 17:20:27 UTC)

October 6, 2004 Link to this post

Sniping Made Easy
Mr Chubster submitted (a LONG time ago, it seems... sorry about that) a movie called 'Sniping Made Easy' - some really, really nice shooting. 4:36 long, 480x360. There's a QuickTime version (26.3 mb) and a WMP7 version (29.8 mb). There's a multiple killtacular at the end that I would have HATED to be on the other side of... (Louis Wu 12:14:17 UTC)

October 4, 2004 Link to this post

Verdafolio pointed out that Demented Puppy is hosting an older multiplay vid that Clan Alphabase made, called Instability. 11.2 mb, WMP9 format. (Registration required for download.) (Louis Wu 15:08:04 UTC)

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