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October 16, 2004 Link to this post

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Every once in a while, a Halo movie comes along that's head and shoulders above almost everything else out there. Great filmography, awesome sound, fantastic voice acting... if you look back on all of the Halo machinima creations that have been released (we're not talking music videos now, or gameplay presentations), there are only a couple that are up there in a class that can stand alone, be of interest OUTSIDE the Halo community. (Red vs Blue is probably the most prominent example.) Now (in my opinion), there's a new one. 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter' is a 30-minute movie which has it all; great acting, great storyline, great cinematography, great music, great effects. Humor and pathos, all rolled into a Halo-driven package. 30 minutes is WAY too much to release on the web in this format, so they've broken it up into 6 episodes. The first one (as well as a 1:14-long, 7.5 mb trailer) is available on the HiaLH website; It's 2:51 long, 20 mb, in QuickTime format. To ease the load on their server, we've mirrored this episode at mythica.org (and the trailer, too). Episode 2 will be released sometime early next week. Our forum is still down, so comments should be sent directly to the team (check their Contact page for email addresses) or to us - we'll pass them along. Update: As many of you have noticed, the HiaLH website is offline right now, for exceeding their bandwidth. We're tossing up another mirror of both of these files; you can find the trailer and Part 1 at files.bungie.org. We're talking about BitTorrenting the entire thing, but give us some time to work it out. (Louis Wu 15:18:51 UTC)

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