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June 7, 2006 Link to this post

Halo's Golden Rule Episode 3
A movie passed the MPRRS this morning - it actually passed for the second time. The first time, it passed the reviewers, but I refused to host it because the submitter had been part of a couple of plagiarism incidents in the not-too-distant past, and I wasn't even willing to look at it. However, he seems to have learned his lesson - we recently hosted a nice montage he did, because everyone deserves a second chance. He decided to resubmit this vid - and it passed again (I'm not thrilled that one of his clanmates reviewed the film - and gave it a well-above-average score - but the film had a passing score even without that). Halo's Golden Rule Episode 3 is a look at a 1v1 match between the submitter and a trash-talker... and while it seems a little petty to make fun of someone who trash-talks without being able to back it up... it's still pretty satisfying to see the other guy get beat. Go watch - WMP9 format is 62.1 mb, QuickTime format is 63.3 mb. (Louis Wu 20:22:10 UTC)

June 6, 2006 Link to this post

Gauss Montage - now in QuickTime
Yesterday, we mentioned a cool Gauss Hog montage over at Halo2Forum.com, but it was only available in WMP9 format. I just got word from Z that he's okay with us hosting a QuickTime... so if you couldn't see the WMP9, grab this (105mb)! (I hear Mintz is planning on putting a portable-compatible version up at Halo: Portable, as well...) (Louis Wu 19:53:12 UTC)

June 6, 2006 Link to this post

Explicitry: The Duet Trailer
Z points out another nice montage over at Halo2Forumcom - it's a trailer for an upcoming vid from Halzred and Typos called 'Explicitry: The Duet'; great editing, as always, from Halzred, and lots of multikills. 48 mb, WMP9 format - check it out! (Louis Wu 14:35:24 UTC)

June 6, 2006 Link to this post

Halo 1 Glory
ShreK sent word of a site with a rather juvenile domain name, but a nice collection of Halo 1 gameplay vids - sort of 'the cream of the crop' of the past few years. This is the work of Fil4, a Polish Halo player who loves Halo more than Halo 2. Go see why! Update: domain name has changed, to avoid possible lawsuits. It's less juvenile now. (Louis Wu 14:09:30 UTC)

June 6, 2006 Link to this post

MLG Concept video
nof pointed out another Youtube video last night - this one is a concept video for MLG. It shows what a tournament might look like when televised - there's voiceover commentary, instant replays, and multiple points of view. Interesting concept! (Louis Wu 13:51:41 UTC)

June 6, 2006 Link to this post

Flashback 5: The McCleod Group
Slacker Entertainment has posted Heretics & Heroes Flashback 5: The McCleod Group over at their website, for sponsors (it'll be up for the general public in a few days. That McLeod is one angry dude... and this whole series has some really, really nice production values. If you haven't checked these out, you really should - they're great! (Louis Wu 07:12:38 UTC)

June 5, 2006 Link to this post

Gauss Montage
Montages might be getting a bit old... but over at Halo2Forum.com, there's a Gauss Montage (well, both hogs are featured, but it's predominately the Gauss), and it's really, really nicely done. 124 mb, WMP9 format. (I've whipped up a QuickTime version for those who can't deal with WMP9 - but I haven't heard whether I'm allowed to post it or not, so it needs to wait.) Check it out - there's some awesome footage, and plenty of interesting effects. (And a HILARIOUS accidental triple betrayal near the end...) (Louis Wu 04:12:58 UTC)

June 4, 2006 Link to this post

Move Along
Execution1013, of Clan 0kinawa, turned in 'Move Along' - a Halo music video set to reproduce the real video created by The All American Rejects. Great quality, nice syncing - the MPRRS liked it, so give it a look! WMP9 version, 61.5 mb, or QuickTime version, 62.2 mb. (Louis Wu 10:41:06 UTC)

June 4, 2006 Link to this post

Kill Phil
BlueHunter has been submitting versions of 'Kill Phil' to the MPRRS for quite some time - it took a while for reviewers to get over the fact that the film is in French, with English subtitles, but along the way, he's refined it into a really polished piece of work. It's (in the words of the creator) "a very free adaptation of Kill Bill" - and he ain't just whistlin' dixie. That said, it's a really interesting piece - if you can handle the 100 mb download (it's 16 minutes long), grab a copy! I had trouble converting this to WMP9 format from its original .AVI - so your choices this time around are a 98.2 mb .AVI (I'm not sure which codec) or a 94.4 mb QuickTime. This is a great example of how the MPRRS can help a filmmaker turn out a great piece - if they don't give up! (Louis Wu 10:28:14 UTC)

June 3, 2006 Link to this post

Dan Chosich put together a pretty cool montage of his E3/D3 (Dean's post-E3 lanfest) experience; it does a wonderful job of showing the insanity that is E3, and has a few Halo-related clips from the lanfest to boot. Two versions are available - a 'small' version, 87 mb, QuickTime format, 640x360... and an HDV version, 128 mb, 1280x720, H.264 encoding (be sure your computer is up to this before grabbing it). Presentation is spectacular. (Louis Wu 18:44:03 UTC)

June 3, 2006 Link to this post

QsK King's First Montage Trailer
QsK King submitted a trailer for the first montage from QsKGlobal.com - the MPRRS liked it. This is the rebirth of someone who was banned for plagiarism a while back; it warms me to see solid, non-stolen work being produced. (There are some very nice editing touches in this vid.) It's short - only 1:23, under 20 mb in both flavors - grab a copy! WMP9 version is 19.3 mb, QuickTime version is 18.5 mb. (Louis Wu 13:07:56 UTC)

June 3, 2006 Link to this post

Memo 2 Bungie
Davidgojr put together 'Memo 2 Bungie: Halo 2 BS Montage' - a look at some of the humorous stuff that can happen on Xbox Live. Humorous, that is, if it's not happening to YOU. It's one of those 'you gotta laugh so you don't cry' things. Nicely filmed, and the MPRRS reviewers said yea, so grab a copy in WMP9 or QuickTime formats. (It's rather large - almost 110 mb - so be warned.) (Louis Wu 00:27:09 UTC)

June 2, 2006 Link to this post

Advanced Warfighter
MaritalBlaze54 submitted 'Advanced Warfighter' to the MPRRS, and they loved it - enough that it made into the Top 10 passing scores. It's an adaptation of the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter release trailer (google it if you've never seen it), and uses the GRAW HUD really well - among other niceties. Great cinematography, great effects... this one's worth watching! Grab the WMP9 version (25.9 mb) or the QuickTime version (26.7 mb). (Louis Wu 13:11:46 UTC)

May 31, 2006 Link to this post

Gruntco Base Defense
Yesterday, another movie wound its way through the MPRRS - and once again, 9 reviewers said 'pass', one reviewer said 'not only will I not pass this, but I'll score it 35% below the average' - which pretty much guarantees a fail. (To be absolutely clear: reviewers don't see numerical grades from other reviewers, and every reviewer is fully entitled to his or her own opinion; the comments above were by way of explaining why I was releasing a film that hadn't passed the system we set up. It's ALWAYS within my discretion to override the reviewers... but unless there's a clear disparity, as in this case, I rarely do.) I watched it; the voice acting could use a little work, but the concept is solid, and the execution pretty funny. It's a submission by KingChuck and Team Conquest, and it's called 'Gruntco Base Defense' - and you can make up your OWN mind about whether it's funny or not. WMP9 version is 37.5 mb, QuickTime version is 36.5 mb. (Louis Wu 11:12:24 UTC)

May 29, 2006 Link to this post

Quint sent word that Episode 5 of 'Reclaimer' - Aftermath - is available at Wandering Tiger. WMP9 format for now - go watch. (Louis Wu 23:57:16 UTC)

May 28, 2006 Link to this post

Zombies 101
Cramesta submitted 'Zombies 101', a film which walks the viewer through some of the potential pitfalls of the popular Zombies gametype, to the MPRRS - they didn't pass it, but it pretty much came down to a single review that kept it from passing, so I'm posting it anyway. It's nicely filmed, has great music choices, and is quite funny in parts. You can grab it in WMP9 format (47.4 mb) or QuickTime format (46.2 mb). Don't play Zombies without it! (Louis Wu 18:19:58 UTC)

May 28, 2006 Link to this post

IGN breaks down Halo 3 trailer
IGN posted 'IGN Weekly Episode 10', a look back at E3 for the most part. It's 30 minutes long; the relevance here is that the entire last half is devoted to the Halo 3 trailer. Much of the discussion has already been hashed out on our forum, and large chunks are seriously debatable... but it's nicely put together, and an interesting watch, if you've got the time. The 'small' free version is 3-400 mb, depending on the flavor you choose... and if you're an Insider, the large version is 7-800 mb. Thanks to kaisu and Spandexman for pointing it out. (Louis Wu 16:31:17 UTC)

May 27, 2006 Link to this post

Operation: Anxious Armadillo
Heroes & Heretics Episode 6 - Operation: Anxious Armadillo - has been made available to the public over at the Slacker Entertainment website. (It's been up in high-res format for sponsors for a week.) The team does their best to make it to the power station before the Covenant take over; it doesn't help that their AI is a bit cranky, or that their sergeant is a psychopath... go watch! (Louis Wu 19:23:54 UTC)

May 25, 2006 Link to this post

Luke Jeffery wrote to point out Wandering Tiger Machinima, a group working on a series called 'Reclaimer'; they're up to Episode 4. Swing by their site to check it out. (Louis Wu 19:50:06 UTC)

May 25, 2006 Link to this post

Sargeisms - now in QuickTime
It's much easier to watch Windows Media Player content on Macs than it used to be... but for those who'd still rather have QuickTime, we're making the RvB Sargeisms movie available in QT format (High | Low). This one KP doesn't get to steal away. (That boy might need his keys revoked, now that he's working at Bungie...) (Louis Wu 02:05:56 UTC)

May 23, 2006 Link to this post

Mission: Leave No Man Behind
xbryboyremix sent along 'Mission: Leave No Man Behind', a standalone machinima telling the story of three survivors attempting to make it home from enemy territory - the MPRRS liked it. You can grab a copy in WMP9 format (40.6 mb) or QuickTime format (40.5 mb)... it'll move you! (Louis Wu 20:28:33 UTC)

May 22, 2006 Link to this post

Crosstown Traffic
MaritalBlaze54 recreated a video originally done by Snow Globe Productions - a music video set to Jimi Hendrix's 'Crosstown Traffic'. (I never saw the original, and Snow Globe's website is currently offline.) This version is quite nicely done - great syncing, great clip choices. Great song. Go watch, and listen - the MPRRS said to. WMP9 version is 33.7 mb, QuickTime version is 32.8 mb. Update: Turtle Mann, of Snow Globe, sent along a link to the original video, if you want to compare. (Louis Wu 13:31:39 UTC)

May 22, 2006 Link to this post

Jester's Fourth Montage
Jester submitted his fourth montage to our MPRRS - and they liked it. Heavy on the effects, but some great gameplay. Grab a copy in either WMP9 format (60.1 mb) or QuickTime format (64.2 mb), and enjoy! (Louis Wu 10:49:48 UTC)

May 20, 2006 Link to this post

In Soviet Russia
KeyboardKiller submitted 'Totally Random Act 5 - In Soviet Russia' to the MPRRS, and the reviewers thought it was pretty funny. Great use of mods. Apologies to Yakov Smirnoff... you can grab this in the original DivX format (15.7 mb), or in WMP9 format (15.6 mb) or QuickTime format (15.2 mb) if they're more convenient for you. (Louis Wu 09:43:30 UTC)

May 19, 2006 Link to this post

Soldiers of War, Ep 7 - and More
QuickTactical and crew has been creating the machinima series Soldiers of War for some time - Season 2 just kicked off, and Episode 7 (the first of the new season) passed the MPRRS. Things are looking grim for the Americans... It seems silly to me that we host 2, 5, and 7, but not the rest - so I've put all 7 episodes up for download, in both QuickTime and WMP9 formats. You can get descriptions of the videos, as always, at the Epic Films website; we're just providing a one-stop download shop. (A couple of the QT versions are not quite done yet - but you can check back in the next couple of hours for them.) Enjoy! (Louis Wu 13:45:02 UTC)

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