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June 29, 2006 Link to this post

War Series Ep 2
Recently, Purebredbrute completed War Series 'Episode 2: Battle for Beaver Creek' - and it's a great piece of work. Wonderful cinematics, solid storyline and fantastic action sequences... this one's worth watching. They're having a bit of trouble with hosting - so we're helping out. You can grab the 10-plus minute long piece in either WMP9 format (117 mb) or QuickTime format (127 mb) from our servers. Swing by halovids.com for more info on the War series. (Louis Wu 08:38:44 UTC)

June 26, 2006 Link to this post

The Top Ten Best Weapons
The GT Countdown series continues at GameTrailers, with "Top Ten Best Weapons" - a video listing of the 10 best weapons in video games. Halo 2's energy sword comes in at number 5. Thanks to Keyes86, who submitted this yesterday; I just didn't get to it. (Louis Wu 22:40:58 UTC)

June 21, 2006 Link to this post

Earth City, by Shorewood High School
TraitorJoe (who has submitted a lot of music transcriptions to Rampancy.net under the name Poop Scoop) stopped by our forum last night to point out a video of his high school orchestra performing Earth City (from the Halo 2 Soundtrack, Volume 1). Great stuff - we're mirroring the WMP9 version (28 mb) and providing a QuickTime version as well (29.8 mb). Grab one and watch - they're great! Be sure to let him know what you think in the forum thread. (Louis Wu 17:41:39 UTC)

June 20, 2006 Link to this post

Turtle Mann's Fourth Montage Trailer
Turtle Mann submitted the trailer for his fourth Montage to the MPRRS - and their biggest complaint was that it was too short. Go watch - WMP9 format is 23.4 mb, QuickTime format is 25 mb. Nice synchronization! (Louis Wu 19:33:10 UTC)

June 20, 2006 Link to this post

Google says we rock.
Heh - over at Google Video, there was an episode of Google Current that aired about a month ago that looked at the subject of 'net neutrality' - it talked about how this concept (which is concerned with a possible 'tiered' internet, in which higher-paying customers get faster bandwidth) has really only exploded in the last couple of months. During the piece, a recent 'This Spartan Life' video blog was discussed (because its focus, too, was net neutrality - we mentioned it here)... the part that amused me was the end of the Google Current clip. "You can watch the whole thing at thisspartanlife.com, and (for now, at least) that video blog loads very quickly." A throwaway tagline, maybe... but since we're providing the video hosting for This Spartan Life, it's still nice to hear. Thanks, Joshua Ary. (Louis Wu 11:19:58 UTC)

June 19, 2006 Link to this post

Resolving Conflicts
Random 15-Year-Old noticed a video on YouTube that purports to be a Halo Intervention - family and friends come together to help a Halo addict remember what's important in his life. I have a little trouble believing this isn't a parody... but I guess you never know. (Louis Wu 10:57:08 UTC)

June 19, 2006 Link to this post

Operation: Clubbed Seal
Slacker Entertainment has released Heroes & Heretics Episode 7, Operation: Clubbed Seal for sponsors (free versions coming in a few days, as usual). Minimal humor this time around, but a finely-executed strategic rescue, and a powerful setup for the next episode. Which you might not see for a little bit; check this page for details on their summer schedule. Commentary vids... can't wait! (Louis Wu 10:48:28 UTC)

June 18, 2006 Link to this post

Wow, wow, lalalala
Okay... this is just...odd. (Louis Wu 14:29:23 UTC)

June 18, 2006 Link to this post

Jump Tactics Mix 3
Over at Halo3Forum.com (the name's changed a little, but most other stuff is the same), Z's put up Jump Tactics Mix 3, a new, pretty amazing collection from a well-known name. Registration (free) required to downlad this monster - 185 mb in zip format. (Louis Wu 14:10:21 UTC)

June 17, 2006 Link to this post

The Creepy Guy at Work
MaritalBlaze54 Submitted 'The Creepy Guy at Work' to the MPRRS - a Dane Cook comedy routine, set to Halo. Clever idea, great filming, funny routine - great overall piece. For the most part, the reviewers loved it. (I did, too.) Grab a copy in WMP9 format (34.5 mb) or QuickTime format (33.5 mb). (Louis Wu 10:43:21 UTC)

June 16, 2006 Link to this post

Out of Mind
If you have a 360, there's a new Red vs Blue miniseries beginning on XBL Marketplace - 'Out of Mind' apparently tells the story of Tex and Wyoming (and Wyoming's boss). It's free, it's in hi-res (Gus points out that it's the first hi-def video they've created, and he's pretty happy with how it came out), with gorgeous sound... and it's exclusive to Marketplace. (For now, anyway.) Thanks, Endejas. (Louis Wu 15:01:49 UTC)

June 16, 2006 Link to this post

Halo CMT Promo Vid
The Halo Custom Mapping Team has released a promo video, giving you a sneak peek at the content of their upcoming release, 'Halo CE: CMT Edition'. (This will be available on June 25.) It's basically a reworkng of the entire Halo (1) single-player game... all 10 levels. Check Wave of Lag's forum post for a link to the promo vid (20.1 mb, WMP9 format). (Louis Wu 14:42:25 UTC)

June 15, 2006 Link to this post

Tri Tri Again - Again
Last week we mentioned a Halo-themed parody of the Apple Switch ads - we just got word from Dennis Powers that this movie is now mirrored at HaloMovies.org, and is available in both the original WMP9 format as well as a QuickTime version. If you missed it then, go watch it now! (Louis Wu 16:20:06 UTC)

June 15, 2006 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - Movies Galore
There's quite a bit of new content available over at This Spartan Life - you can find links to two new segments at SpikeTV (an interview with Korn, and another episode of Solid Gold Dancers), and you can find Module 4, Meet Teh Leet, a look at l337-speak in online gaming. Check it out! (Louis Wu 12:53:35 UTC)

June 15, 2006 Link to this post

Lost: Halostyle Episode 4
Haloplayer submitted Lost: Halostyle Episode 4 to the MPRRS (episodes 1-3 are available at ikproductions.net) - the reviewers liked it. Good cinematography, understandable voice acting (that's bigger than you'd think!), interesting effects. Grab a copy in WMP9 format or QuickTime format - 49 mb each, though the WMP9 is a bit sharper this time around. (Louis Wu 12:44:44 UTC)

June 14, 2006 Link to this post

Savin' Me
BLackout77x submitted 'Savin' Me', a music video set to Nickleback's eponymous tune; it tells an interesting story. Our hero keeps fading into flashbacks of a breakup in the middle of a firefight - his squadmates keep pulling his fat from the fire, but at the cost of their lives. It's much better if you know what's going on. Nice effects, nice cinematography. The MPRRS said yea, so here you go: WMP9 version is 26.7 mb, QuickTime version is 25.9 mb. (Louis Wu 19:28:37 UTC)

June 13, 2006 Link to this post

Freelancer: Combat Evolved Teaser Vid
William Sullivan-Angulo writes to point out that Freelancer: Combat Evolved, the Halo mod for Freelancer, has released a teaser video showing off some of their progress to date. You can grab a copy (11.7 mb, WMP9 format) from this forum post. (Louis Wu 14:17:50 UTC)

June 12, 2006 Link to this post

HD QT available again from MS
Last week, in an attempt to help out the folks who really, really wanted a copy of the HD QuickTime version of the Behind The Scenes video, we put up a BitTorrent seed and a bunch of bandwidth; 250 people grabbed copies over the weekend. (That's a cool hundred gigs.) Thanks to all who left their torrents open! We're going to shut that down now, though, because Bungie has put up a new, uncorrupted copy on Microsoft's megapipes - you can grab it from the bottom of this page. Thanks, Frankie! (Louis Wu 19:38:16 UTC)

June 11, 2006 Link to this post

Explicitry Duet - now in QT
A few days ago, we mentioned a trailer for a new Halzred montage, called 'Explictry', being hosted by Halo2Forum. Halzred submitted this file to the MPRRS, as well, for feedback; he didn't want hosting (H2F does a fine job of that), but since the MPRRS passed it (handily), we're offering a QuickTime version for those who need it (33.3 mb). Nice editing! (Louis Wu 13:49:38 UTC)

June 10, 2006 Link to this post

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Broken Console has returned to their ongoing series, The Squadron - Episode 17, "I'm Not With Him", is available for download from their website in WMP9 format (32.5 mb). The humans are once again outnumbered - but not outmatched. Go watch! (You can grab a QuickTime version - 26.9 mb - from us if you need it.) (Louis Wu 19:14:18 UTC)

June 10, 2006 Link to this post

Halo 3 Documentary - QT HD available
Okay, so here's the deal. A few days ago, a really cool movie was released by Bungie - 'Halo 3: Behind The Scenes'. It came out in lots of flavors, lots of sizes... but the highest-resolution QuickTime, a gorgeous HD 720p version weighing in at 400 mb, had a problem; the last 20 seconds of the video got corrupted every time they tried to upload the file to the servers. The word in the latest Weekly Update is that the problem still isn't solved. Now, 400 MB is WAY too big for us to handle as a direct download - especially if we're the only host, and the file is as popular as this one is. But this is EXACTLY the sort of thing that BitTorrent is good at. And we can certainly spare 20Mbit/sec of seed bandwidth, to help folks get started... so with Bungie's blessing, we're offering the HD QuickTime version of this film as a torrent. If you've been waiting for this version, wait no longer - grab a BitTorrent client and start sharing! (For those who've been waiting for this but cannot or will not use BitTorrent - I really do apologize, but a 400MB file might kill us. Really.) (Louis Wu 01:40:36 UTC)

June 9, 2006 Link to this post

He's Deep.
There's a fantastic interview with Marty O'Donnell over at 1Up.com - Halo 3, Bungie, music, movies... and (maybe) what's coming. Go watch! (Flash format, about 38 mb.) If you swing by GameVideos.com, you can actually grab larger versions, in WMP or QuickTime formats (MUCH larger), as well. Thanks, Mark McDonald and Eastbeast314. (Louis Wu 18:54:28 UTC)

June 9, 2006 Link to this post

A Tribute to Halo 2
Top Cat Productions submitted 'A Tribute to Halo 2' to the MPRRS, and its combination of wacky humor, strange situations, and surreal transitions convinced the reviewers to give it a thumbs-up. It's pretty long (almost 19 minutes, but still weighs in at about 50 mb... amazing! Grab a copy in WMP9 format (53.2 mb) or QuickTime format (47.9 mb). (Louis Wu 06:23:59 UTC)

June 9, 2006 Link to this post

Switch Parody 2
Matt Spenser and Psy Matrix got together and turned out Switch Parody 2, a cute takeoff on Apple's Switch ads. 12 mb, WMP9 format - go watch! Thanks, Laird. (Louis Wu 06:22:14 UTC)

June 7, 2006 Link to this post

Halo 3 Documentary - now Mobile
Mintz writes to point out that the Behind the Scenes vid is now available at Halo: Portable, in pocket-sized versions; 33 mb for PSP, 18 mb for iPod, 13 mb for Pocket PC. Go grab a copy! (Louis Wu 21:44:38 UTC)

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