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January 20, 2008 Link to this post

Someone's gotta name him now.
BootStrap Boon put together a Mongoose Transformer video in Halo 3 - nice! (Louis Wu 19:01:47 UTC)

January 19, 2008 Link to this post

Deus Ex Machina: Episode 4 - The End
I'd hoped that I would have a high-resolution version to host for you before posting this news, but I need to leave, so it's better you know about what's out there than that you know what COULD be out there. DigitalPh33r has released part 4 of his Deus Ex Machina series (check our news for earlier episode links) - you can download or stream a low-res version from Machinima.com. (Thanks, Major Silva.) Very nice work, though it might not end as you expect... It's a massive 30 minutes long, though the download is only 43 mb. (Louis Wu 18:12:37 UTC)

January 19, 2008 Link to this post

Grifball is sweeping the nation
Rooster Teeth has put up a couple of videos you might be interested in watching; both pertain to Grifball. One is an entertaining explanation of the rules, complete with lots and lots and LOTS of GrifDeath. The other is a highlights reel from the first week of play, complete with cool graphics and everything. It's like a real sport or something! (Louis Wu 15:58:13 UTC)

January 18, 2008 Link to this post

Slothboy pointed out that DigitalPh33r's Arby and the Chief are back with another episode - you can download the vid from Machinima.com, or stream it from YouTube. Master Chief wants Recon... can the Arbiter help? (Louis Wu 22:44:27 UTC)

January 18, 2008 Link to this post

Halo Unyielding 3 teaser trailer
Laird has posted a teaser trailer for Unyielding 3 - it's coming, at some point. (Laird says 'eventually'.) (Louis Wu 16:08:50 UTC)

January 18, 2008 Link to this post

Stop-Motion Spartan Action
Almost a year ago, we mentioned a short stop-motion video from Benjamin Bailey-Webb; he recently let us know that he'd made two followup films, as well. You can find Episode Two and Episode Three of his Fall of the Flood series on YouTube - they're short, they're sweet, brighten your morning. (Louis Wu 15:40:23 UTC)

January 17, 2008 Link to this post

Potato Warrior Part 1
Sodagod has created a pilot for a new series called 'Big Food' - Potato Warrior Part 1 is the story of a time-honored battle between warriors... plus it's got baby robots. And stupid girlfriends. And scary monsters. And invisible spaceships. And... geez. It's awesome, go watch it. Now-standard Sodagod surrealism included. Six minutes long. We've got it in WMP9 format (95.5 mb) or H.264-encoded QuickTime (91 mb). We WOULD have it in standard Sorensen3Pro-encoded QT format... but Apple went and broke QuickTime with this week's update. Bah. We'll turn it into streaming Flash if there are enough people who can't see it - because it's very, very funny. (Louis Wu 18:22:16 UTC)

January 17, 2008 Link to this post

Jonathan Quail
Trigger119 sent word that CROSSFIRE's 'Jonathan Quail' has been released at GamingTV. This is a 'reinvention' (CROSSFIRE's term) of Hell Quarters: Jonathan Quail, a video released a couple of years ago. That film was Halo 2-based, and 7 minutes long; this one is Halo 3-based, and 30 minutes long. On the plus side, the filming is really, really good, the scoring is fantastic, the whole atmosphere is nailed down. On the minus side... the first half drags quite a bit. (It picks up dramatically at about 15 minutes.) And it's seriously confusing. (I mean... you THINK it's not, when you're watching it, but then you say, huh?) If you've got the time - this one is definitely worth the 200mb download. Check it out! Available in several formats, including streaming. (Louis Wu 16:03:44 UTC)

January 16, 2008 Link to this post

Jonathan Quail Release Trailer
Trigger119 pointed us to a teaser trailer for Jonathan Quail, a machinima project from CROSSFIRE. This puppy's been in the works for a while (we saw our first trailer for it back in October), but we now have a release date for the final product - January 17 (that's tomorrow, for those of you in a fog). This teaser is more an advertisement for color filters in movie effects programs... but CROSSFIRE's got a long history of fantastic machinima projects, so I'm willing to wait and see what comes tomorrow! (Louis Wu 14:45:02 UTC)

January 15, 2008 Link to this post

Instant Respawn - a Video Forge Tutorial
TheShadyGnome let us know that the second Forging 101 Video Tutorial, 'Instant Respawn', is now available on YouTube. Watch it for tips on making your Forge creations the best they can be! This is the second in Flem Productions' series of video remakes of the text tutorials at ForgeHub.com. (Louis Wu 12:37:14 UTC)

January 15, 2008 Link to this post

Martin Van Buren Hates This Game
Mariachi turned up a video called 'Martin Van Buren plays Halo' - wins points for creative use of absurdity. Swing by YouTube to watch. (Louis Wu 12:15:33 UTC)

January 14, 2008 Link to this post

Montage Man
Raptree stopped by with links to a trailer and Part 1 of a machinima project entitled 'Montage Man'. (It has nothing to do with montages.) Pretty nice work! Go watch. (Louis Wu 23:30:37 UTC)

January 14, 2008 Link to this post

Splazer Suicide
Pretty cool - The Progn0sticator, aka Lethal Casua1ty, pointed out a thread on Bungie.net which contains a link to a vid he created showing off a pretty entertaining suicide. His teammate tossed a frag grenade just as he fired his Spartan Laser - and the laser blast bounced off the flying grenade and killed him. OUCH! Yet another "if we didn't have saved films we'd NEVER know how this happened" moment. (Louis Wu 14:21:07 UTC)

January 14, 2008 Link to this post

Movie Monday
Bunch of movies announced recently on our forum (or via email) - Lordstemplar1 pointed out a teaser for Prophecy Episode 3, Harabek came by with his entry into the Broken Iris contest at HaloGrid, and MR from Running Gun Productions let us know that Spriggs Episode 5 ("Hammer Time!") is now available for download from their website. A busy Monday morning viewing session should ensue! (Louis Wu 13:34:00 UTC)

January 13, 2008 Link to this post

Chewing on Life's Gristle
The last time we'd heard from VelocityTino, he was telling us about some elite armor he'd put together. He's back - this time with a piece of machinima. He's put the song 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', the Spamalot version, to use with Halo footage. He did all the animation himself, which means that for the tapdancing sequence, he had 4 controllers taped down on a desk, and was manipulating them simultaneously (which explains some of the... less than perfect synchronization). It's almost funnier if you DON'T know why guys are walking into walls, though... go watch. It's entertaining. (Louis Wu 18:53:05 UTC)

January 12, 2008 Link to this post

New content from Halownage
Lani let us know that you can find a Halo 2/Halo 3 montage by Outlawz at Halownage - it's called Outlawz Says Goodbye. While you're there, read up on a service whereby one of their members is willing to record your content for you. Nice! (Louis Wu 18:12:47 UTC)

January 9, 2008 Link to this post

QuickTactical stopped by with links to his new movie, Sandwar - it's got some nice Halo 3 action scenes in it. It's pretty long - two YouTube links, or a 150 mb Mythica download. (Louis Wu 15:32:45 UTC)

January 8, 2008 Link to this post

Arby 'n' the Chief
Ross Mills let us know about "Arby 'n' the Chief", a new video from DigitalPh33r and a sequel to the 'Master Chief Sucks at Halo' series. (Note to Ross: links r gud.) It's pretty funny, even if a large chunk of it is just a discussion of the value of the Heroic Map Pack. (At least it's an entertaining discussion.) Go watch! (Louis Wu 18:11:02 UTC)

January 8, 2008 Link to this post

Brighten up your morning
Heh - TruToast created an Ode to the Sword, and Terrab let the Bungie.net forums know about it. Cute. Thanks, InAmb3rClad. (Louis Wu 14:37:45 UTC)

January 8, 2008 Link to this post

Video Versions of Forge Tutorials
TheShadyGnome let us know that Flem Productions has begun creating video versions of the Forging 101 Tutorials available at Forge Hub. Their first video, on Floating Objects, can be seen on YouTube. (Louis Wu 14:03:05 UTC)

January 4, 2008 Link to this post

GameZombie talks Halo
GameZombie.tv had a video roundtable about Halo 3 - you can watch it at Revver. (Louis Wu 18:52:44 UTC)

January 3, 2008 Link to this post

Cake or Death?
Running Gun Studio has released Spriggs Episode 4 - it swings from manic to surreal to just plain daffy. Just over 10 and a half minutes of... weirdness. And high explosives. Go watch! (Louis Wu 20:27:57 UTC)

January 3, 2008 Link to this post

High Tech Halo (not really)
Wow. Cody Miller converted one of the later cutscenes of the game to ASCII video, with 8-bit mono sound. It's amazing you can even tell what's going on... intriguing just for its WTF factor. (Louis Wu 15:08:14 UTC)

January 1, 2008 Link to this post

Halo 3 Spitfire
deftangel found a video which appears on YouTube, GameVideos, and Mythica.org. It's a montage - but it's not like any montage I've ever seen. It was created by UnfilteredNoise (his YouTube handle)/krushedNsorted (his GameVideos/1UP handle), and although the music grates strongly on my nerves, the camerawork is amazing. It's not about awesome snipes, or triple kills, or unreal sticks - it's about Halo gameplay, shown in such a way that you just want to pick up a controller and start playing. Go watch. (The YouTube version is crap; download the higher-res version from Mythica or GameVideos.) (Louis Wu 19:22:47 UTC)

December 31, 2007 Link to this post

harabek stopped by to announce 'All The Stuff Your Heart Is Wet For' - a music video montage that works surprisingly well. Several very funny clips; I laughed out loud at the Counting Crows punchline. (Mostly because I didn't recognize the opening; might not have been as funny if I had.) Go watch it - I know there are a lot of these, but this one's quite good. (Louis Wu 20:38:54 UTC)

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