While we know very little about Halo, the game (a few movies, some Bungie PR, a few kindly answered questions), the community loves to speculate. We do our best to provide you with a pulpit, and an audience. Cogitate away!


Video Surveillance", alien weaponary and jeep dynamics (Atlantis Crew)
Jeep Musings (Phil Hearon)
Default Weapons (Cosmufet)
How to Make Halo's Realism More Real (Jason Hall)
Shoulder Mount Theory (Dalan Galma)
Theory about vehicle controls (Karl Bennett)
Halo Navigation (Modulo)
Shoulder Mount Theory: Plug-n-Play Combat Blender (Dan Williams)
Thoughts on Damage (Jason Thomas)
Shoulder Mount Theory: Flares (Teo Addams)
Tank Box Theory: Smoke Grenades (Andy Prendergast)
Shoulder Mount Theory: Sensors (Ryan Rea)
Shoulder Mount Theory: GPS (Cody Miller)
Shoulder Mount Theory: Recharger (Teo Addams)
Surveillance (Damon Whitney)
Shoulder Mount Theory: LOS Communication (Ken Patterson)
Note: because the newly-redesigned Marine has no shoulder mount, it makes very little sense for us to accept new shoulder mount theories. Sorry.


Origin of the name 'Halo' (Andrew Montgomery)
Analysis of halo.bungie.com messages (Mark Levin)
Theory on the "Halo" name (Darcy Brockbank)
Who's That Cyborg? (Joseph Haake)
Do Cyborgs Pray to an Electronic God? (Mychal McCabe)
the remaining 1000 humans (MacFury)
theory on the name "Halo" (MacKay)
Halo and Marathon (Daniel Sandberg)
Marathon-Halo Connections (Damien Sorresso)
Speculations on the Covenant (Andreas Nasri)
Cryptic messages and the PoA (Cannibal Harry)
Cortana Revisited (Matthew Hilliard)
The Halo as a Gateway (Howard Bisoski)
Builders of the Halo? (Sebastian Brytting)
The Black Demon (Iden)
Closure in Halo (Maarten Edgar)
A look at the Jjaro in the context of Halo (Mike Sholl)
Cortana Letters Revisited (and then some) (Jean-Paul L)
Halo & History (Knight Premier)


Orientation of Halo System (Peter Streicker)
Iain M. Banks and Halo (Matt Shears)
Seasons/day/night (Mikkel Eriksen)
Why Halo Theory Doesn't Hold Water (Jeff Smith)
Ring Rotation and Weapons Usage (Todd Hansen)
Orbits/Seasons/Communications (Todd Hansen)
Unified Theory (Ryan Parsons)
Technology Levels (Gabriel Bregg)


flying dot speculation (Eric Meyer)
Movie Ruminations (various)
Halo 'O' on ships? (The Angel Gang)
Blam 32 (Guido Baldoni)
The Halo Teddy Bear (Goldilocks)
That Covenant Logo (HBO's back room boys)
Halo/Jjaro Logo similarities (David Johnston)
Halo Observations (Mostafa Sadraii)
More about That Jjaro Logo (Rony Sanchez)
Symbols found in the E3 2000 trailer (Mike Sholl)