Shoulder Mount Theory

Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 03:04:02 -0700
From: Dan Williams <>
Subject: Re: "Shoulder mount theory" or "Your New Plug-n-Play Combat

While I'll agree that an antenna is certainly a viable theory, I think that
having it as a socket for plugging in components is much more likely.  For
one, the bigger an antenna, the more it can receive, so that think won't do
much, and if you're going to make an antenna, why not just make it then put
plastic over it, and not have it exposed.  As for those fractal antennas:
hinge it as much or little as necassary, and put it into the chest panels
this also has the side effect of extra armor-never a bad thing. But my
point is, these marines are "cyborgs", and regardless of my lit teacher's
definition that means the integration of hardware with one's own body.  It
would make a ot of sense to make one suit as standard issue, and have all
sorts of weapons, and special units plug into the suit for processing
power, energy, etc (and more to the point, it takes the load of those
modelers-  only one suit to make, and all the weapons can be added onto
that.  the combat advantages should be obvious for such modularity:  pick
up the gun on the ground without ammo, plug it into your suit's onboard
fusion reactor, and you're good to go.  How about stripping the antigrav
belt or IR goggles off the dead alien, plugging those in, and using them
without even conscious thought (excluding training, of course...)  or even
better, jumping into one of those kickass jeeps, or hover thingies, and
being able to control it through your suit (no new interface to learn, good
	Alright, given alot of this doesn't make sense to us, the players, 
because the neural implants in my mind aren't quite working up to the level
required, so driving a car while shooting a flanking target isn't quite
possible, but it DOES make sense, and hey, what's wrong with some realism
and cool gadgets?  One cool thing (any bungie employees take notice) is
that if you were using an energy weapon, it could run off your suit's
power, simplifying the supply situation- only one ammo type required, which
is probably also use for a couple other things. (mana??)  
the bottom line?  
that "thingie" mounted back there is a generic interface plug for all your

						Dan Williams

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