Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 17:20:34 -0800
Subject: Stuff that would make Halo cool...
From: "Jason Hall" <>
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    I don't know if you guys would appreciate it, but what if you could have
a suggestions section on your site.  Maybe, if you got enough, Bungie could
take some ideas and factor them into Halo.  If you do care, I have pondered
a few things that I would start with.

1)  Run Speeds:  Noticing how realistic (comparitively) the physics are in
Halo, how about more than one run speed.  Note: This would involve Bungie
programming a "tripping" system.  I will explain more about this later. My
thought is that you could have three speeds,
        1. A sprint.  (This means speed) Very fast, but very dangerous. If
running across flat or smooth terrain, or if you are running for your life. 
If you choose to use this speed, you have to take in consideration for the
ground you are on.  If it is rough or steep, you might trip and fall,
causing you to either (depending on a random choice) , re-catch your
footing, but slow down tremendously for a second, or fall completely down,
which would stop you completely for a few seconds and perhaps lose health.
        2.  A fast run.  Slower than a sprint, but you wouldn't fall.
        3.  A run.  Meant for stealth moving, such as down echoing

2)  Rocks:  I am sure we have all noticed the great feature of the rocks
kicking out from under the jeep in the movie.  What if these rocks, when
kicked up, could fracture windows of trailing vehicles, or they could even
inflict damage upon players.  (visions of
"The-Hockey-Stop-Decapitation-Move" come to mind.)

3)  Standard/Mega Damage Capacity:  Anyone who has played any of the
Pallidium RPG's (Rifts, Robotech, etc.) would know what I am talking about. 
I am sure in the back of every gamers mind, there is a little voice that
wants one thing.  Full interaction. The first step of this would be to give
everything a damage capacity. This would allow you to either destroy or
damage everything.  For example:  Lets say a mission from Halo would be to
infiltrate and destroy a base, but unfortunetely, there is a huge
impenetrable wall around it.  You notice one of Halo's well-rendered trees
nearby, and get an idea.  You point your explosive weapons (I am assuming
there will be explosive weapons) at the base, and due to the angle of your
shot, the tree falls down and across the wall, allowing you (and your team?)
to run across. Now, I do realize this would take an extremely powerful
processor, but hey, we can all dream right?

    There are a billion other ideas floating around in my head, but I don't
want to take the time to write them all, so these are starters.

-Jason Hall

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