Insignificant detail... explained?

Eric Meyer writes:

I spotted this on the HALO page:

"You want another detail??.. Well,..just before the alien (in the Halo trailer) is forced to give up and put his hands up in the air ,......ehh... a littel dot, well, a thing passes over their heads. Is it a bird (fauna), or a alien ship?" says Magnus Bjerve. (Wirehead)

Okay, I'm the curious type, so I went to look. It took a minute to figure out, but here's the deal.

It's a flying clod of dirt. It's been thrown up by the rear wheels of the jeep which went driving past the skydoo at high speed. If you back the movie up a little from the point where the dot appears, you can just make out the jeep's back bumper through the graininess of the video (approx. 2:11 w/ extra 7 sec).

- EMeyer

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