Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:46:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sebastian Brytting <>
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Hey. I just read some of those weird Halo theories on
this page, and one guy wrote that the 11th clan built
Halo. Mail me and say "you're stupid" if this is
wrong, but the 11th clan is the Spht'Kr, right.
Durandal tells us in the beginning of Marathon 2 that
the Spht'Kr escaped before the Pfhor attacked. So,
isn't it veery obvious that, if it WAS the Spht'Kr who
built Halo, which makes sense, they built it to live
there. I can't recall that you ever were told where
the Spht'Kr came from, so why couldn't they have lived
on the Halo ever since, and went to fight when we
called them in Marathon 2? It seems that Halo takes
place after the Marathon Trilogy, and since there are
no Spht'Kr in the game, I think that:

a) They didn't go back after they left in Marathon 2.
Why would they, they obviously didn't need to fear the
Pfhor anymore.

b) They have all died. The only thing that remains is
their technology.

Forgive me if everything I have written is totally
contrary to everything in the Marathon trilogy. And I
think I spelled Sph't'Kr wrong the whole time too :)

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