Tank Box Theory: Smoke Grenades

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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:42:59 CDT
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Ok not 100% sure on the marine box (with holes) but i DO know that
the box on the tank is almost assuredly a smoke grenade launcher.
(last theory called it a flare launcher) Many modern combat tanks
carry smoke grenades on a launcher mounted near or on the main gun
barrel. An example can be found at


where it states and i quote:

"The turret is fitted with two six-barreled M250 smoke grenade
launchers, one on each side of the main gun. The standard smoke
grenade contains a phosphors compound that masks thermal signature
of the vehicle to the enemy. A smoke screen can also be laid by an
engine operated system."

The pictures make this very easy to see, you can see the small
canisters on the barrel. I believe the heavy tank in Halo will use
these smoke grenades. As to the marine, the flare theory seems to
work out well, although it faces the same problems as the rocket
launcher-firing a flare that close to the head would cause temporary
blindness-the magnesium or phosphorus used in them is EXTREMELY
bright when ignited. In addition to this, the bright heat signature
would scramble any infra-red detection systems on the suit, assuming
it has any. So what is the box doing there? I doubt it will have any
function in the game. Its probably just there to make the suit look


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