Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:46:55 -0600 (CST)
From: Tycho
Subject: Covenent Organization.

   Two facts are known about the Covenent.  First, it is a conglomeration of
alien races.  Secondly they attack humanity in a fit of religiously
ordained bloodletting.

   I assume that the Covenent attacks all other races it encounters in a 
similar manner.  To think otherwise would mean that humanity is special in 
some way.  While it may be pleasing to the ego to believe this, it seems 
unlikely that out of an unknown number of other races, ours just happens to be 
special in a manner that causes groups of aliens to instintually exterminate 
   Thus, the formation of the Covenent seems highly suspect.  How would a
group of fanatic religious xenophobes form in the first place?  Therefore
their organization must be directed by some single controlling force or
entity.  This controlling entity is using the Convenet to destroy other
   Since there would be obvious problems with a single force controlling a
large, disparate number of alien warriors, the control it exerts must be
near total.  This is supported by the strong religious convictions the
members of the Covenent exhibit.
   But this raises the question of why the force is not attempting to
assimilate humanity and is merely attempting destruction.  The dichotomy
inherent in the linked concepts of:
   o an organized group of different races of aliens,
   o who happens to attack humanity is a fit of religious fervor
require us to discard the first assumption.  The force or entity in
control of the Covenent must bear humanity some special enmity.

   Thus, there must be something inherent to humanity that the Covenent is
attempting to destroy; since they must have exhibited special tolerance in
the past in order to form at all, their hostility can not have been provoked
merely by the fact we are an alien race.  Since their motivation is religious,
they must not believe in eliminating alien races entirely, since their
war machine must be based on the cooperation of several species of aliens.
Since the Covenent attacked humans without prior interaction, there must
exist some apriori rationale for eliminating them.

   So, in concusion, we are left with a Covenent controlled by a single
force or entity controlling an alien armada that, for lack of a better 
explanation, hates humanity.

   Hello, Tycho.

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