Cryptic messages and the PoA (long)

Posted By: Cannibal Harry =PN= <>
Date: 15 January 2000, 3:18 a.m. 

 I posted this at the core a few hours ago, and forgot to post 
 it here. Go nuts. Hmmm, maybe this can even go in the theories 

 So I was looking at the Hamish's labor of love, more 
 specifically, the Halo transmissions section. I hit the pipe, 
 and the juices started flowing... 

 Now, Joe said that before each human colony/outpost was 
 destroyed, it recieved a cryptic transmission from the 
 covenant. At the big final battle, the Pillar of Autumn escapes 
 and the entire Cov fleet follows it. 

 The following is my take on how the transmissions on the 
 original Halo site tie into this story. I also offer that the PoA 
 was at the battle preceeding the final battle also, and has 
 gone out of its way to piss of the Covs to ensure they follow 

 Anyway, the way I see it is this: 

 The Transmissions started with this one 

 • CAR Contrition (DE H c-5) 

 o SCS Hermes II 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 375.2.686.0632091 
 (process owner GA - AI - Class II) 

 Through war we will teach your heresy. 
 Through battle we will teach your frailty. 
 Through death we will teach your fate. 

 After this, I assume the Hermes II was probably detroyed. 

 The date and time this transmission was received (by 
 my crack-addled reckoning, anyway) was 1635 hours 
 on June 14th, 2804. (still putting it squarely in the 17 
 year range between M and MII) 

 • CAR Penance (DE H c-4: OB) 

 o ESP 8 Reach 

 via p-process 34022.1.8.230390 
 (process owner Pr Govern via Reach PSN node 21) 

 You live without discipline and will die without honor. 

 Could ESP Reach be the name of a colony or outpost rather 
 than a ship? Reach seems a little to simple to be a ship name 
 to me, especially if they're following the Culture tradition 
 Also note that the process owner is not tagged as an AI 
 (neither will Cortana be, but I'll get to that later) 

 I go on. 

 Four minutes later, this transmission was received: 

 • CCS Purity of Spirit (DE H c-2: OB) 

 o ESP 8 Reach 

 via p-process 34022.1.8.240601 
 (process owner - &X2^%xxx*) 

 It is said remorse is the pain of sin. We feel no remorse. 

 This time the process owner is garbaged, perhaps as a 
 result of the relay of the transmission being terminated at 
 the source? 

 The next transmission is received by the PoA. 

 • CPV Reverence (DE H c-7) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 02775.2.32.939444 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 You slave, toil, bleed and sweat for your food. And we shall eat it. 

 By my reckoning, this transmission is received a full two 
 weeks after the first three transmissions. (The time it took 
 to search for another colony? Or was the PoA dispatched 
 to investigate the disappearance of the Hermes II and the 
 loss of contact with Reach only to find the galactic Holsteins 
 laying in wait? 

 I think the PoA destroyed the Reverence at this point, as no 
 further transmissions come from it. 

 *Takes another hit from da pipe* 

 A day later, the PoA gets this: 

 • CPV Esteem (DE H c-10) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 02988.2.32.738288 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 You will not know where we have struck until you have fallen. 

 The Covs have dispatched a ship because they lost contact 
 with the Reverence. It locates the PoA, still in the vicinity. 
 (Conjecture, CPV = Covenant Patrol Vehicle/Vessel?) 

 The PoA, still not greatly challenged, takes out the Esteem also. 
 After losing two small ships, the Covs send out a big one. Five 
 days later, this ship makes an appearance. 

 • CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 04019.2.32.273390 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 What you have begun in anger you shall end in shame. 

 (Conjecture: CCS= Covenant Capitol Ship?) 

 The PoA holds its ground and fights the good fight, 
 the battle ends about two-and-a-half hours later in 
 a stalemate. The Covs send this: 

 • CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 04022.2.32.872499 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 None will exist to say whether you were defeated by valor or cruelty. 

The Covs are still talking trash, meaning they've got backup. A day
later, The Sacred Promise shows up and opens up on the PoA,
potentially giving rise to Cortana's rampancy

 • CCS Sacred Promise (DE H c-3) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process modified (WARNING) 

 Our conviction is like an arrow already in flight. 
 Your life will only last until it reaches you. 

 Note that the process has been modified and redirected. 

Realizing the situation's gotten much worse, the captain of the PoA
decides discretion is the better part of valor and gets the hell out
of dodge. The Covs, of course, pursue. The next day, the PoA starts
talking back, maybe.

 • SCS Pillar of Autumn (?) 

 o CCS Sacred Promise (DE H c-3) 

 via x-process 04087.2.32.742573 
 (process owner Cortana) 

 "... He says I came not to send Peace but a Sword ..." 

 I came not to send Peace but a Sword is definitely a Cortana 
 reference. Note that the sender is Cortana. This transmission 
 angers the Covs, up till now they've been doing all the talking. 

 The PoA continues to run. 

 • CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 04118.2.32.465603 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 You have brought nothing to this world, and 
 we will ensure you bring nothing out. 

The Covs are pissed. I think this is the date of the big battle, as
the next transmissions take place over a week later, after the PoA
has jumped and led the Covs on a not-so-merry chase. I believe The
"You have brought nothing to this world" references the colony world
the battle is fought around.

The PoA jumps into the Threshhold/Basis system and prepares to dig
in on the newly found Halo. This internal transmission is meant to
fire up the troops:

 • SCS Pillar of Autumn (n13a) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn (n1) 

 x-process 04494.2.32.143320 
 (process owner unspecified) 

 "These are the tygers of wrath." 

 We're not going down without a fight. 

 • CCS Purity of Spirit (DE H c-2) 

 o SCS Pillar of Autumn 

 RECEIVED (trans) 
 via x-process 04498.2.32.200932 
 (process owner BW - AI - Class III) 

 This world will be ruled in blood. 

 You've got a fight, a big one. 

 A minute later, the Covs make their intentions clear. 

 • CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) 

 o ALLCH (SC) 

 RECEIVED (trans) 

 via x-process MODIFIED 
 (process owner EXALTED (?)) 

When no single human brick lies atop another, then will we be
satisfied with your destruction.

 The PoA goes down, Halo begins. 

 The only piece that doesn't fit neatly here is this one: 

 • SCS Pillar of Autumn (?) 

 o undetermined 

 SENT xx.15.2.1049 
 via u-process 011366.x.xx.895999 

 (process owner Cortana) 

 I have governed the unwilling. 
 I have walked the edge of the Abyss. 

 Who or what is Cortana sending this message to, and 
 when? We know February 15th, but The year is blocked. 
 Is she talking to Durandal? The Covs? who? 

 Since I first posted this Tsao mentioned that The first 
 Cortana letter was received by Hamish on February 15th. 

 Curiouser and curiouser 

 *CH puts down the pipe* 

 Rip it to shreds, boys and girls. 


 "I am Jack's tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..." 

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