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Hi! I've noticed some things about the halo jeep that I think merit
consideration (or drooling over, if you prefer). Basically, I'm
doing this for all the car fanatics out there, and for those of you
that love to see Bungie's attention to detail in action.

A) It's all-whell drive. (evidenced by the fact that when the marines take off from the control room building, the jeep is kickin' up dirt from ALL of the wheels) B) While it has all-wheel drive, I can't tell for sure how the wheels are actually driven. You'll see what I mean if you look at the underside of the jeep as it flies off that ridge. When it does that, it gives a pretty clear view of the spaces where, on a present-day car, the drivetrain would be. On the halo jeep, there are no differentials, no axles, no driveshaft, and I can't even be sure whether or not the crazy thing hasone engine, or if it has four. I'll explain. Considering that the jeep has no visible power train (at least, not a conventional one), it's conceivable that each wheel may have an engine to call its own. This may seem a little nuts to most people, but think about it. Cutting out the power train (by power train I mean the differentials, axles, driveshaft & transmission) would shave off a spectacular amount of weight. And by placing the engine(s) that much closer to the wheels, engine power (horspower, torque) could be transferred to the wheels with a whole heckuva lot better efficiency. While you obviously now have four times as many engines, you also have that much more weight. However, that is negated by the fact that those engines would not have to be nearly as large (therefore lighter), and the fact that those engines wouldn't need a power train. Take that into consideration, and you've got one light and very efficient jeep. C) It has all-wheel steering! You can see this pretty clearly by paying attention again to scene where the marines are tearing away from the control building. D) Look at that suspension! It's incredible! My eyes might be lying to me, but I swear it looks like it has, for lack of a better term, a suspension that has some kind of on-the-fly adjustable stiffness. While it's wallowing around before the jump off of that ridge, it looks to have a suspension that came right off of an old Buick (you know, the kind of suspension that makes you wonder, "Is it a car, or is it a boat?"). But wait! After the bridge, when it looks like the driver starts to have fun, the suspension suddenly seems stiffer than a five-day old egg roll! That's all for now, but I'll be sure to look for anything else I might be able to figure out.
Phil Hearon phillipth@hotmail.com

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