From: Gabriel Bregg <>
(Posted to the HBO Forum, April 5, 2001, 8:28 pm UTC)

The Jeep... One of the other guys was talking about the jeep mechanics, and I thought i'd elucidate a bit more. I am making the assumption that a race with FTL travel has mastered also small scale fusion power and high temperature superconductors, so here goes. 1) The reason that no driveline is visible is because each wheel is driven magnetically (like the guts of an electric motor) with each wheel having an independant power plant. In addition to elimiating the need for a seperate braking system, this adds redundancy to the propulsion system, in case of damage during combat. The key to an effective combat vehicle is simplicity. One complaint as well. Why is a technology this advanced still using conventional, cased ammunition?? It may make for cool eye candy during game play, but caseless ammunition allows for lighter weight and more ammo in a magazine, which is always a good thing. Plus no casings are left behind after a firefight, making moving undetected much easier. Even beyond that, chemical projectiles very in-efficient. Better yet would be gauss weapons, which use magnetics to accelerate the procjectile, and are silent and flashless, and could be used to deliver a variety of payloads (explosive, incendiary, chemical, etc.). Overall I am very stoked about the arrival of this game, all the movies and screenshots I have seen so far are awesome. This information may be available elsewhere, but what is the graphics engine this game is based on, or is it being developed on its own??

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