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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:00:51 -0700
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This is a different theory regarding the shoulder mounted items seen
on humans, because I disagree with the posted one.

Although the idea of the shoulder mount being a communications
device of some sort is an excellent theory, I disagree due to these
  1. On the vehicle's there are long antennas present (obvious communication devices) which tend to show the general type of communciation broadcasting the the humans use.
  2. The largest tank (often refered to as a BAT) sports an antenna as well as a box with holes in it. This box is very similar to the shoulder mounted unit seen on the marines. If the box is indeed a communications device then why would the tank have an antenna as well. Also this box is not present on the smaller tank or the assault buggy.
  3. Have a communication device that sticks out at such a strange location would be very illogical and impractical, say for example you are scouting an area and a sniper takes a shot at you misses your body but hits the device. Now, you have been noticed, the sniper is probably already radioing in that there are enemies in the area, and you have no way to let anyone know. Communication devices on soldiers are usually centered, or yes above the shoulder but not in a configuration like that, the circuit boards would be integrated into the armor and an antenna would be exposed.
I agree with the idea that it is not a mini-missile launcher or something silly like that. My theory is that the device fires flares (a more practicle theory than any I've heard of).This makes sense for the large tank as well. While the buggy would not require such a device because its passengers are exposed (hence they can fire them off freely without hitting a ceiling), the large tank makes a perfect candidate, main passengers are enclosed and if a large fire fight occured the most likely thing to still be around is the tank, it fires off a couple flares (if communications are down or the location was confused in the fight) to signal back up troops. I would think that the small tank would have flares as well but knowing that it does not have a machine gun of some sort tends to show that the purpose of the small tank is for distanced attacks (machine guns on tanks are used for advancing on ground troups, you take them out with the machine gun so they can't get behind, beneath or on top of you)(also there are no handles on the top of the small tank for troops to hang onto, this is not the type of tank you send to the front lines). Distant attacks have no real use for flares, although being at far distance from the battle it is safe to say that ground troops could be around to fend of scouts or air attacks, so if a need for flares at such a distance arose the troops could fire the flares or a tank pilot could exit the vehicle, fire a flare and re-enter with no significant danger. I apologize for the length of this and hope it wasn't too confusing Teo Addams

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