Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 21:18:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mikkel Eriksen <>
Subject: seasons/day/night


slow on updates, eh? its a year and a week since the official
introduction... *cries*

I dunno if this had been theorized before, but anyway here goes:

Considering that the halo floats between a gas giant and its moon,
the gas giant is probably between the sun and the halo at intervals
(not neccesarily regular). This makes the halo have nights (and
days). Seasons are a bit harder to go about, cause that means the
halo must be further from the sun (partially or not) in periods...
That could happen if the gas giant has a more than just a little
elliptic orbit. As far as i know, thats only possible with planets
far from the sun or smaller planets. Anyway, this all looks very
irregular to me.

In the whole ringword concept is easier to regulate day night. in
ringworld, it is the orbit itself around the sun, so its always
noon. the day and night is accomplished by putting big squares in a
smaller orbit insider the ringworld orbit, so the sun is blocked out
in regular intervals. in the sequal, the ringworld engineers, the
ringworld orbit has become unstable and the it begins orbiting like
a hoolahoopring (sorta like when you put a big ring on your finger
and make it spin, one end closer to the center). anyway, that causes
seasons cause parts of the ring is farther from the sun at certain
times. its unstable tho, so its almost destructed.

thats my 16 ears on that...

-Mikkel Eriksen

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