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Subject: Theory
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One interesting thing on the topic of surveillance in Halo is the fact
that so far almost every traditional form of gameplay has been
included,... from first person shooter, to vehicle combat ; driving -
flying - But one aspect strategy , other than the strategy involved with
blowing up the other side first is figuring one: where the other side is
and two: what the other side is up  to. Something extremely interesting
that would add a good bit to the audience appeal (as if it could get any
better) would to include a strategy command / spy surveillance element
to the game. Imagine if the team captain was to order a group of
soldiers to a suspected enemy grouping, but instead of sending troops
into a possible sudden death against massive enemy forces he gets his
lieutenant to send remote-operated sentry scouts to check the area
out,... scouts have little or no armor and are easy to replace,... they
can even be remotely detonated in case of detection. Each scout could
have camera abilities as well as night-vision and infra-red. Remote
sentry units could be similar to Imperial Scout Droids ala. Star Wars
and be very affective in preventing a mismatch in battle or even finding
the path of least resistance to an enemy base. Last of all it would
bring in all those die-hard strategy fans who really don't like playing
first-person shooters( we all know a couple of them). Imagine a scenario
where a small group of troops is patrolling around and the captain gets
a report from a air unit that a large enemy force has been detected in
close proximity to the base. He orders all units back to the base except
one unit who is too far to reach the home base in time. On a hunch, the
captain orders the far unit to make their way towards the enemy base. He
then deploys several remote operated sentry units who were close by ....
they can arrive at the enemy base much faster than a regular unit, and
since they aren't an offensive weapon they aren't missed in defending
his own base... The remote sentry units discover that the other side has
sent virtually all of its forces in a last ditch effort to take their
base.. Using infra- red the sentry units can see through some of the
outer walls of the base and only notice a small number of troops
guarding the enemy base with no heavy armor group for back up the enemy
is vulnerable. Which tells the captain that one: if he acts quickly he
can take out the enemy base and two: he needs to prepare for a massive
force that will arrive at his own base shortly. The remote camera's can
be linked to any ground force so in theory the arriving patrol group at
the enemy base would have a good idea as where to expect resistance.
Display Screens on vehicles could show troops the info they need to
prepare ,... the whole time the remotes being controlled by Edgar or
Peter or whatever the name is of the strategy-nut who always kicks your
ass in Starcraft/Age of Empires or whatever strategy game your dumb
enough in playing with him. This game could truly be every gamers
fantasy in that the flight-sim buff would love flying around avoiding
stinger-esk type missile systems, the racing fan would love the idea of
driving around blowing stuff up, the strategy guys get theirs on telling
real-living humans what to do (because it rarely happens in real life)
and where to go. Oh and the first person shooter fans would love telling
the rest of them to eat this rocket biaaaaatch............ 

Well just a theory on what could be the ultimate game ever....Halo.

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