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Well, I had been planning on writing a well-put essay on Halo's purpose
& story AFTER finals, but it seems the race is on.

Here's my theory: Ever wonder why the predominace of the number 7 in the Halo/Bungie/Marathon universe? 7... nice number, but where else have you heard of the significance of 7? The Holy Bible. The Flood. The Covenant. (Readers blink) First I said, "Sounds good, The Flood are released by a 'god' or god-like race in the distant past. They erradicate all life as they systematicaly sweep through the galaxy. Somehow akin to God's Flood, used to purify the earth/universe of inherent evil in Genesis. But once again, there are a few who deserve to be saved. So, like the Ark in Genesis, the Halo ring constructs are created. They will carry samples of all life throughout the galaxy, including the humans who have built the Ark Halo. The Flood was released from 'heaven', and swept throughout the galaxy. The humans, and samples of other life forms are stowed away on the Halos. Higher life forms are separated, Humans on one ring, covies on another; basically to ensure that there is no in-fighting. As in the Bible, time was given so that all would be destroyed, and then the Flood was stopped." In Genesis, it was stopped by God; but how would you do it in the Halo universe? Halo. Halo may be only able to kill sentient life, but that is enough. The Flood must feed, or, like all creatures, they starve and die. (I hope) As for the life on the 'Ark'? Remember, the ring kills all life in a radius of 25,000ly., so unless it was incorrectly described, creatures living within would not be affected. After the Flood was stopped, the creatures within the Arks/Halo(s) were released. An so began the history of mankind, first with an 'Exodus' to the 'promised land' (Earth), and then with an expansion from that land. {Conversely, it is also possible that the Earth itself was the 'Ark', and that the Halo's are actually the 'Flood Gates' of Heaven. This way, they would both release the Flood and eradicating them. But, seeing as we were told that the Life on Halo was important to the storyline, I figured that the Halo must be the ark. I remember seeing screenshots of rodents and dinosaur-like creatures; prehaps left behind when humans moved to Earth...} So what are the Covenant? Why have they attacked humanity? For this I turned to the ......Bible. It states that: "The evil entities are those who choose to follow Lucifer... their minds were covered with a horrible, dark, deception. They are now agents of the Adversary, controlled under his dominion and servants of his enterprise." There is also a statement about Satan & his followers, a question brought by those observing the after effects of the Great Conflict (TGC is the everlasting war between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. It is invisisble to the eye, and seems to be a 'Cold War' of sorts, with each side drawing greater and greater numbers of followers from Earth.) "Is this the man who made the Earth tremble? Who shook kingdoms? Who made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed It's Cities?...All the kings of the nations sleep in glory, but you are cast out of your grave...thrust through with a sword..." This is a after statement of the war, presumably the response of people viewing Satan after his defeat. On a side note, near these lines, Revelations mentions 7 churches of the Apocalypse, which could be seen as another way of describing Halo. (see below) In Revelations is the famous passage "I am the alpha & the Omega, the First and the Last."...He had in his right hand seven stars, and out of his mouth went a sharp sword." as well as a passage "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse. An he who sat on him was called faithfull and true and in righteousness he judges and makes war"..."His eyes were like a flame of fire...he had a name written that no one knew except he himself...and out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he might strike the nations." -The Monitor makes several referances to having encountered you in the past. And you are obviously here in 'the future'. This would account for the statement of A-Omega in reference to the MC. -The Bible interperts the 7stars as being the 7 guardian angels of the apocalyptic churches. I think these may represent the Monitors, caretakers of the Halos. -The sharp sword could be seen as a reference to Cortana/AI. It is increasingly apparent that AI constructs are among the most powerfull weapons in the maraverse. -One of the missions is called "The horse you rode in on...". This would pose as a promising link to the 'white horse' statement quoted above. -The Master Chief acts alone, for the most part. Although guided by Cortana & high officers, most of his choices are made by him; including the 'who lives/who dies' type of choices. -The faceplate of the MC is flame-like in ambience, taking care of the 'eyes like a flame (singular, I might add)' -The backround for Halo makes it clear that nobody knows your name except you (and you ain't talkin'). In the same way that God's name is not known, which is why he is simply called a 'God'. All of that places the MC as a personification of a 'Christ-like' savior figure. It's even possible that he represents a 'prophet'. "That explains the MC, but what about the Covenant?" It is also said in Revelations that "I saw the 'Beast' and his armies, poised to make war against He on the Horse....The the Beast was captured, and the False Prophet with him who decieved those who recieved the mark of the Beast was destroyed..." -I believe that the Covenant may be following a 'false prophet', which is why they are called the Covenant. The believe that they are allinged with God, and are fighting for their god against their Satan/Satanic armies. When in fact, they have been decieved, and are fighting the true God.
Well, thats the rough version of something I could have refined, but I needed to act before it became 'old news'. Hope it's mostly true! -Knight Premier

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