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Subject: intriguing theory about HALO's story
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 04:41:36 -0700
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Before you read this, its purely speculation solely made by me- just
another fan.  But I still want to warn you that if I'm right, I've
pretty much ruined the story for anyone who plays it: so don't read
it if you think I'll be right.  (dont bother trying to sort through
my deranged logical paradox)

First of all, lend me your ear so that I may talk about the ultimate
purpose of the halo ring construct.

At some sort of Bungie gathering (sorry but I can't remember
what/when/whos, but I will prove my point independantly of this
information further down:)) there was conversing upon the subject of
Halo by some important bungie worker and the word GATEWAY accidently
came out.  I think one of the names of the nearby planets to the
halo is actually the word gateway in a foreign tounge- but I don't
remember for sure.  Anyways, I got to thinking that in the bungie
universe, big shot aliens with really big ships might want to do
some gateway traveling.  Now when I say big, I mean really damn big
huge ships.  So think about the ring construct for a second- it's
big, right?  It's got a big hole in it to- a big portal, maybee? 
It's not totally unlikely that it may be some sort of dormant
gateway.  Given the obvious importance placed on the halo by the
Covenant (in case you don't know, the story starts out with the
covenant sending everything its got available after our pathetic
little human war ship because we've set a course for the
halo-therefore proving its importance), it must be something more
than just a holding pin for cool stuff left behind by the Jarro (or
any old old civilization that builds huge rings and just leaves them
lying around).  If you don't think so, consider for a minute that
the halo really does simply house some kind of ancient super weapon.
 In that case, wouldn't the covenant have fished it out years ago? 
Ok ok, maybee the weapon is somehow attached to the ring;
inseperable from it.  But wouldn't that justify gronds for a
galactic game of king-of-the-hill, where the covenant and its rivals
would constantly battle over who gets to have their base at the
ring?  Obviously, this was not the case- the place was deserted
when the humans&friends arrived.

So this leaves one option: the halo ring construct is a gateway for
moving things that are really big really far.  The more one thinks
about it, the more sense it begins to make.  Lets add the builders
of the halo into the picture.  Super advanced, and really old, this
space farring civilization enjoys traveling to nearby galaxies from
time to time.  They naturally have rediculously huge ships, so they
need huge gateways to warp them between galaxies- and so the ring
construct is born.  They also like to meddle with the goings ons of
intellegent life forms they come accross; the covenant for one.

See how this all fits?  The covenant chased the humans to the ring
because they were afraid of them activating or unlocking or calling
upon the gateway.  The other species in the area are all well aware
of the gateway, and they probabaly have some sort of pact between
themselves to stay away from it.  That would explain its empty state
when we arive, but it gives a great reason for the Covenant to chase
us.  Also, it puts in place a nice excuse to have old stuff lying
around for us to find, and possibly allows for really cool
suspensefull ending.  (that is, if you aren't reading this...)

Just as a sidenote, I also noticed the covenant troops making use of
some sort of antigravity vehicles in the previews.  And I can say
this for variety of reasons- the terrain hugging movement, the way
the ag ships pass over things without crushing them, the way the
distances from the ground change- but lets forgo the physics debate.
 The significance of this is that the halo should have no real
gravity, there fore rendering AG vehicles as dead weights.  Even
considering the base material is probabaly super dense, there still
isn't hardly any gravity- plus we would have to consider the
opposite sides of the halo's gravities canceling eachother out. 
What I'm trying to say is there has to be something really screwy
going on with gravity in this halo thing for those AG ships the
covies had to function.  And what did Einstien tell us about
gravity?  That it goes hand in hand with curving space time.  OK,
now remeber "folding"?  It was in Marathon and StarTrek and a whole
lot of other stuff- it involves folding up space time to traverse
large distances in very short times.  So if the ring manipulates
gravity it must do the same to space time which in turn makes it a
good candidate for doing folds.  So this again shows more evidence
that the halo is a gateway.  I have more proof of the halo embodying
a real gravity field- its in the way the android falls back to the
surface after his jump- but I've said enough, and that would just
hurt my head.  Also, the intelligent Jeff Smith charecter tells us
about a bleeding atmosphere- it's under technical theories- check it
out- and concludes that the halo would have to have "some other,
unimaginable force is keeping it habitable" in his own words. 
Intriguing, no?

One more thing: there weren't any asteroid defense measures- if
there was, they would have shot at the humans ship no doubt.  Huge
gravity warping feilds anyone!?

Now if I'm right, promise me you wont mob my house because I ruined
the entire  story line for everyone.  Ya'll would of thought it out
anyways...Hey, put down the bats now guys...and those maltese
cocktails aren't real-right!?

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