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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 19:20:48 -0600
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I've done a little more background info regarding the symbols seen in the trailer:

These four enhanced chevrons comprise the total number of decipherable
symbols found on the holoscreens in the 2000 E3 trailer. I know what
you're thinking: "This is old news." Well, yes. It is, but this study of
the symbols also sheds some light to the origins of the Covenant. The
symbols do change on the screen, which would sugguest a language sequence.
These symbols like Chinese, Mayan, or Egyptian writings of our particular
culture represent the very beginning of phonetic symbols. It would be
logical to assume that these Jjaro symbols represent the seed of the tree
of Covenant language. We see similar but not exact replicas of these
symbols throughout the Covenant Army. (On Tanks, Armor, and Soldiers.)
This also begs the question: what were the Jjaro when they disappeared?
They initially must have been biological organisms, because they used
phonetics before they had a grasp of high level mathematics. But might it
be that our friendly benefactors might have evolved (like the human race)
to become dependent and eventually integrated into their machines? A
cyborg if one was to put it clearly, and what kind of implications could
this have for our Marine? Assuming the Jjaro are now fully integrated into
the virtual machine world, wouldn't that mean that the Marine, (who has
Jjaro implants) is very similar to the Jjaro? Could it possibly implicate
the Covenant's interest in him isn't one of destruction, but of control?
It also might mean that the Marine was destined to land on Halo to summon
the Jjaro back or to allow our AI friends (Durandal, Cortana, etc.) to be
initiated into the ranks of the AI elite? There are so many theories
here... I can't even begin to scrape the surface. Back to a more factual
If (like the early Egyptians) this super advanced race of Jjaro creators
had the facility of language, it is probable that they had an even greater
mastery of mathematics. It is likely that they used binary calculations,
in relation to the 1/n power of integers and their inverses. Just as
Fourier transforms are power series in exp(i t), where exp(i t) is a U(1)
group rotation of the unit circle S1, the binary power series can
represent Walsh functions, based on the 2-point group Z2 of the
0-dimensional sphere S0. (Walsh functions may be useful in Quantum
Computing which also might explain their highly advanced understanding of
Just thought someone out there might be interested in reading up on their
mathematics/history/language... :) When I set em up, you knock em down, so
let me know what you think.
-Mike Sholl

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