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All of these ideas are ones that have come to me, as I was showering. I
know it sounds strange, but I come up with my best ideas in the shower.
Here are a bunch of theories, that I would like you the readers to either
substantiate or disprove. It's up to you, so ready? Set. GO!

The Jjaro as a Source of Good Theory:

What we know about the Jjaro (Jarro, Yarro) is very little. They were some
sort of cybernetic super-advanced civilization that suddenly after doing
well in the galaxy disappeared. "The Jjaro were a mysterious race that
disappeared from our galaxy millions of years ago, leaving behind military
and civilian outposts on the moons of many habitable worlds." They could
have been considered Gods considering their ability to create life: "the
Jjaro, specifically Yrro and Pthia, took some of the F'lickta, and added
some cybernetic implants to make the first S'pht, who then became sentient
and could recreate themselves." They protected the universe against the
chaotic (evil) forces of the W'rkncacnter, by capturing them in
gravitational fields and forcing them to obey the laws of the conventional
universe. Who could do this without the use of unconventional laws? "When
the W'rkncacnter came, Pthia was killed, and Yrro in anger, flung the
W'rkncacnter into the sun. The sun burned them, but they swam on its
surface." Well... I'll explain that later.

Why would they do this? I believe that if there were one reason it would
be to create life in their image. Beings that with free will would be able
to pick up the pieces that they left behind and follow in their footsteps
to becoming transcendent. Or perhaps their outpost was on our moon, (like
in 2001) and sparked the beginning of our transcendence to the "star
child" state. Who knows!?!

The Pfhor seem to have a hive mind mentality. They resemble insects, come
in droves, replace the fallen as nothing had happened, and work fairly
well together till one gets pissed off and tries to establish its
dominance. That's the only way they come close to the Jjaro. The Humans
are individual thinkers, but work on a higher mental level than the Pfhor
and were capable of creating cyborgs (with the help of Jjaro technology)
and AIs. The S'pht come the closest, combining technological and organic
components, but, more importantly, bearing a "collective consciousness" -
a cross between the Humans' intelligent but individualistic thought and
the Pfhor's hive consciousness. This might explain why the human race (the
Marine) and the S'pht became such close friends. They both had Jjaro

This now leads us to our current Halo conundrum. The Marine. So we have
now concluded that the Jjaro have perhaps spread life throughout the
galaxy, but what does this have to do with humanity and their battle with
the Covenant. Well, here goes a whole other can of worms! The Pfhor, (the
precursors to the Covenant) implanted what they call a "cybernetic
junction" into an organism called a Drinniol, causing one of the most
damaging uprisings of independent thought in their history. This gives the
Covenant plenty of reason to hate the Jjaro. First, they were a failed
experiment, second, their creators were destroying them, and third the
humans began to encroach on their territory and were becoming symbiotic
with Jjaro technology. This spark enraged the Covenant, and caused them to
chase the Marine, hell bent upon destroying him and divining a way to
destroy their favorite pets, perhaps to prove their worth. (By using the
Jjaro technology... HA! Fate is not without a sense of irony.) So now we
have, a means and a motive, but this is the part where I'm going to
confuse the hell out of you. Get ready for it.

The Jjaro as a Source of Evil Theory:

Forget everything you have ever known about the Jjaro. They were not the
benevolent creators that they were made out to be. After millennia of
evolution they no longer resembled biological organisms, but more of
technological creatures. They no longer had the will to do the dirty work,
so they created inferior biological versions of themselves to do basic
terraforming, to fit their needs. Hence the birth of the three races in
their respective flavors and varieties. They enslaved these races and
subjected them to a cruel life of labor for an eternity. This is when our
saviors the W'rkncacnter come into play.

I know. It sounds ridiculous but think of it: who taught the humans
everything they know about the W'rkncacnter? That's right. The Jjaro. Why
would they make these creatures out to be the creators of evil in the
galaxy? The W'rkncacnter were the only other "original race" that could
match the Jjaro in strength and intelligence. It is only a natural tactic
to make your enemy seem as horrible as possible. Then even after the
Jjaro's demise their followers and allies still despised the W'rkncacnter
and hunted them to near extinction.

But the Jjaro began to lose control over their creations. The Pfhor and
the W'rkncacnter were the only ones that could stand against the Jjaro,
but unfortunately the W'rkncacnter were all but destroyed. We have
evidence of this in some of the remaining Pfhor history: "The slavers have
not suffered a defeat like the one we handed them today since the Nakh,
the last extant client race of the Jjaro, rebelled six thousand years
ago." That was one for the Pfhor! They were the ones who eventually
convinced the Jjaro with their violence to abandon the races, incomplete.

This is where we catch up to the Halo story again. The Covenant encounter
transmissions as well as personal encounters with a human created AI. The
modern equivalent to the Jjaro terror that controlled the galaxy for so
many millennia. Fearing the return of a Jjaro-like reign the Covenant
bands together against the AI's and the humans who created them, swearing
to stop at nothing to destroy the possibility of powerful AI's. This is
why they are trying to kill the Marine, and stop him from activating the
Halo portal that might allow the Jjaro to return to our universe and begin
their dominance again.

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