Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 19:21:52 EDT
Subject: Theory about the other 1,000 humans that crash landed
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Speculation about the other 1,000 humans that crash landed

    Okay, so we all know, atleast those who've read up on Halo, that 1800 
humans crash landed on the ringworld.  800 of the humans are marines leaving 
the other 1000 to be what? This of course is assuming no one died during the 
crash.   Would these nonmarine characters be essentially the same thing as 
Marathon Bobs?  I can see very interesting ways to use these Halo Bobs as 
part of mission objectives and to fill out the overall Halo story.
    From various sources it has become fairly clear that all the gear that 
humans were carrying along with the humans themselves became scattered when 
they crash landed.  Because of this scattering of resources will the humans 
have a main base?  Possibly a large chunk of a crashed ship?  Atleast if not 
having one base having many makeshift bases out of the wreckage of the ships. 
 The reason I'm bringing this up is because of something I read in GameSpot 
UK(atleast I think it was GameSpot UK).  It said that the first parts of the 
game would be tough because you would mainly have to assemble your forces and 
figure out what happened.  This is where I think the Halo Bobs would come 
into play.  
    Anyone remember the Marathon missions where you had to save the Bobs?  
I'm thinking that you will have to do much of the same thing in Halo.  Some 
of the missions might be simply basic survival by getting your Bobs supplies 
from one makeshift base to another, or possibly scouting the ground looking 
for salvageable items.  I think this would add realism and depth to the game, 
something Bungie is known for. 
    Looking for salvageable items brings into play the question "Where does 
the ammo come from?"  Assuming that the humans can't produce more ammunition, 
unless the Halo Bobs could make ammunition, all the more reason to protect 
them, just where do the marines get it from?  Surely they would have to have 
carried a finite number.  Knowing that Bungie most likely won't scatter ammo 
boxes around the world as in other games such as Quake, where will the ammo 
be stored and retrieved by marines?  This I think could be another key reason 
to having Halo Bobs.  What if Halo Bobs weren't directly player controlled 
but rather player influenced participants.  An example of what I'm trying to 
say is what if you could have these Halo Bobs ferry ammunition to outposts 
and between players.  It would be in the best interest of the player then to 
protect these Halo Bobs because he/she would partly rely on them.
    Hopefully Bungie will release more information soon about these 1800 
crash landed humans.  The only loop hole I can see in getting out of having 
these Halo Bobs is if Bungie were to say only the partly cyborg warriors 
survived.  I, however, don't think that will make it into the storyline and 
hope that some form of Bob lives on.

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