Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 05:46:48 -0800 (PST)
From: James Harrison <>
Subject: Theory about vehicle controls
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I was watching the bTV day 3 movie and it shows some footage of
the jeep being controlled, and then some of the Alien flying
craft. By the looks of it the control system is a bit like the
one used in Quake Rally. Where you use the mouse to turn, by
looking in a certain direction with the mouse and then the jeep
dose all the turning necessary it's self to get you in the
direction you are facing ( this includes any correction needed,
like stabilization etc. ). This can be seen in the last seconds
of the jeep footage, where it fly's over a jump and who ever is
controlling it turns the view around 180 degs so your looking at
the front of the jeep. Then when the jeep lands it tries to
change its direction to the one the views now facing, and roles,
once it gets upright and stable it then carries on in the new
direction. And again this is seen with the flying craft, it
fly's where ever the controllers looking, notice every time the
view turns so dose the craft. This method of control would make
controlling the vehicles easier, but I think it would cut back
on the realism of the game. What I think would be a better means
of control would be to have it so that you control the jeeps
turning with what ever keys you have bound to strafing left and
right. With this control setup, you not only have more control
over the jeep so you can pule off some wicked stunts in
multiplay to impress any observers, but you can then use the
mouse to look around with out worrying about the jeep turning
where your look. So then say there's one of the hover fighters
right behind you trying to blast you to hell. You could turn the
mouse so your looking back at it and use the keys to turn the
jeep, dodging its shots. The Hola programers could even make
animation's for the drivers head and body so you can see where
he's looking.  This could also be implemented in the flying
craft. You could use the forward, revers, and strafe keys to
dive, climb, and role while using the mouse to take in the
scenery from all directions. Just imagine how much more freedom
or view and movement this would give you !!!! : ) I haven't been
able to find any News about the control system for Halo so
forgive me if the controls are actually as I'm talking about. I
might have interpreted the movies wrong.

mmmmm this games going to rock.

- Karl Bennett

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