Another Theory/Movie Rumination

The Atlantis Crew write:

Hello, everyone! Here's a few things the Marathon Atlantis Crew have come up with regarding the world of Halo based on the MacWorld presentation. If these have come up before, we didn't know about it :) Also, there are four pictures attached to this. They will be referenced in the message. This whole thing (including the pictures) is re-printed at our web site (Address below).

The first theory is what we like to call, the "Video Surveillance" theory. We came up with it while we were watching the Control Room scene at the very beginning of the movies. As you can see in the "video" image, there are three 'control boards,' with the character playing with the middle one. The one we want to focus on is the one on the right, which the red circles point out. If you watch this board long enough, you get the impression it's some kind of flat TV on a static channel. Here's what we think it is- A way of visually communicating with other command centers in distant parts of the Halo. Or, better yet, visually communicating with men in the field with some sort of hand held video device, or maybe even a camera mounted in the vehicles. It might be something as simple as an incarnation of Marathon's terminals. It's a monitor for something, and I don't think they are getting the Sci-Fi Channel.

The second thing we are coming up with is not really a theory so much as an observation. If you notice in the movie when the human comes up on the alien, and the Alien surrenders, it looks like the alien did so without fighting back. Well, he did. If you notice back a couple seconds, and watch those seconds over and over again, you'll see that the alien got three shots off with his unnamed Fusion Pistol (Pictures "first" through "third"). Could this be the first instance of ground-to-ground attacking of Halo? Or was he just shooting at the Jeep? By watching this sequence, we can learn more about the physics of this weapon and other things.

The last of our tidbits of theories is a possible purpose for the antenna on the jeep. First off, we must submit that it may not have a reason to exist, it could just be something cool for look. But, being the giddy people that we are about this game, anything is possible at this point. What we came up with for reasons is that it could be: 1-A high-speed video conferencing remote link, as explained earlier; 2- An audio conferencing link, or 3- A text based information/Game Status linkup. In either case, there must be something on the jeep to interact with. A computer, console, or maybe just a simple link port where a "Communications Marine" can "Plug in" to the Jeep and download information about game status into some info kiosk.

Lastly, some things to ponder about the world of Halo. Is it possible to flip the jeep upside-down, or be destroied? Does the jeep have a horn? Do you get more than one life? Like in Marathon, is it possible to re-incarnate? If so, where? in your home base? If that, than what if the aliens have taken your home base? Will the game know where to put you in your next life, or is it like Myth where you get multiple bodies to control and if they die, that's it? What about weapons- Where do you get them? They obviously aren't just lying on the field. Are they given to you at the begining of the game, or are they lying around your base? But what if the aliens have taken the base?!? Still too many questions, but that's half the fun of waiting for a game that could be worth asking them for.

-The Atlantis Crew

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