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The Halo Logo as seen on the "grndsprtcrft"

At first, it seemed as though the "O" in the "HALO" logo (as seen on the logos page, or almost any other page on this site) was simply a stylized "O", and nothing else. However, we noticed recently (and in hindsight, are surprised that noone has reported) that the same design can be seen on the bulging rear portion of the "grndsprtcrft" (this name is taken from the Concept Art pic of the same craft) . We've compiled a few screenshots to show this... but don't take our word for it, go look for yourself. Notice the rotation, however... on the ships, the opening of the circle (sorry, the halo) is on the top, or top right. The HALO "O" has the opening on the left. Aesthetics? Or design change? Or are those ships stored on end...?

In the first hangar The soon-to-be-captured covenants The "grndsprtcrft", just waiting...
After the theft A close view of the logo as the ship passes the camera A rare view of two logos, on on each side

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