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Subject: Unified Theory
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 00:58:38 -0700
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I have read several of the posts concerning airflow throughout the Halo system. Based on some of the videos, and the apparent placement of the gas giant, it appears that the halo is not orbiting around at least its Z-axis. But in order for the planet to be seen like it is, it would have to be spinning around either its X or Y-axis, and maybe even both. This ring construct is obviously some creation of an advanced race. Now picture this. Assume that the halo is indeed rotating around all three axes. This would provide extra rotational force, meaning that the ring would not have to spin as fast overall. The atmosphere inside the halo would, originally, be extremely chaotic. However, like most things in nature, the weather would fall into a pattern, and that pattern would eventually smooth itself out. There would be extremely high velocity winds in the upper atmosphere, but these winds might only serve to increase travel. And all of this is assuming that the makers of the construct intended the ring to be inhabitable. If they did, it would have been no trouble to create a system that would be able to contain oxygen. As noted in the Halo videos, the Covenant has a form of an energy shield. If you line the trailing edges of the planet with these shield generators, it would be possible to contain the oxygen inside of a sphere, the surface of which is comprised by the spinning of the halo. With such a system in place, any ship wishing to enter the halo without being injured would have to create an inverse field around itself to cancel out the shield surrounding the planet. So not only would this field keep air in, it would help keep intruders out. Bungiešs original story said that the human ship was destroyed by the covenant fleet, but if that is so, then even if the humans did manage to eject, the Covenant could very easily have just used an orbital bombardment and removed the human threat before it even began. Because of this, I am inclined to believe that they will or have changed the story. If so, then the energy field would perfectly account for why the humans are unable to leave the ring. After fleeing the Covenant hoard, they take refuge on the first inhabitable planet they see. When landing, their ship suddenly stops functioning, and they are left stranded. The problem with the Covenant using orbital bombardments can also be solved with this. So far, all of the Covenant weapons have been energy based, so the shield would also stop these. When the Covenant tried to drop below the shield, there ships would have also become disabled, stranding them there. So now you have two hostile forces stranded on one spinning ring construct, contained in a self-perpetuating energy field. Of course, this might be the silliest thing you have ever heard, and if so, send me an email telling me so, if not, well, send me an email anyways.

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