Shoulder Mount Theory: Recharger

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Subject: Shoulder mount theory
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 08:27:11 -0700
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I took a look at the shoulder mount theories after mine (great theories by
the way) and decided to take another look at the box. On the front of it
there is an abnormal shaped hole, rectangular in shape. This made me think
of this:
Due to the fact that a futuristic suit like this needs something to power
such things as communications, infra-red viewing (if any), a visor HUD, or
even a binocular type zooming feature, the suits energy would eventually
drain. Perhaps, the box could be a socket that a marine could hook into
somesort of recharging device with. This in mind, the rectangular hole and
the lines connecting all of the holes could be explained. If you look at the
sockets on the back of a computer or even modern electrical sockets you'll
notice they are shaped such that you can only plug things into them one way.
The rectangular hole would prevent a hurried marine from plugging in wrong
and frying his suit (and possibly himself in the process). The lines
connecting the holes could be a way to hold the plug in nice and snug. This
makes the most sense to me after rereading the other theories but who knows.

Teo Addams

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