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Subject: Halo and Marathon Connection Theory...
From: Damien Sorresso <durandal64@hotmail.com>
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If, indeed, Marathon and Halo exist in the same Universe (which I'm damn
sure they do), what are the connections? There are two very good
1: Halo is a prequel to Marathon. Bungie describes the Human empire in Halo
as "fledgling". They are hardly this at the time of Marathon. This could be
the Human's first contact with an alien race. Or, the aliens put on the
planet are servants of the S'pht. This would suggest that the S'pht built
the ring around the planet (the "Halo"). I would have to say it was the 11th
clan that did this. Supposedly non-existent and mythical, they are the
perfect candidates for construction of the ring. The humans, their space
travel capabilities still in infancy, stumble upon the planet and find the
Halo. They want the planet because it has the Halo. This raises the
question: What is the Halo for? Perhaps it is a giant planetary defense
ring. Similar to the ones seen in the movie Starship Troopers. A weapon
would be a little too obvious though. Another purpose is that the planet
ITSELF is the source of the curiosity and that the Halo was built as a
gigantic scientific research lab to study the planet.
Of course, the 11th clan may not have built Halo. I am confident that the
S'pht did, though. Halo may take place at a time when all S'pht were united,
and there were no clans. The S'pht, in a quest to improve themselves, built
Halo as a research lab. The 11th Clan might have actually been BORN on Halo.
The 11th Clan may have been so controversial that the S'pht eventually split
into factions over them, much the way American political parties divided
over the issue of slavery before the Civil War. As we know from the typical
Marathon timeline, things tend to go a LONG time. Halo could be anywhere
from 10,000 years before Marathon to 500 years before it. It is possible
that such a long period of time elapses that The S'pht forget what they are
divided about and simply be enemies because their ancestors were enemies.
The 11th Clan becomes the Myth that is described in the Marathon Trilogy.
The aliens placed on the planet are defenders of the 11th Clan in its
2: Halo is a sequel to Marathon. The human race may have been reduced to
such a state that it was forced to start over. This would make the
"fledgling" description accurate and make sense. This could have been caused
by a war with the P'fhor or S'pht. The Halo could contain important
information on it. It could contain any number of things (the History of the
Galaxy for all I know). Whatever it contains, the humans are willing to
fight for control of the planet to get it. Again, the 11th Clan could have
built the Halo. For what purpose? I don't know.

Another, more ludicrous theory, is that Bungie made the game with no plot
and put a Marathon logo on the Halo logo. The purpose being that every
Marathon fanatic on the net would start coming up with bizarre theories on
how the two are connected. All Bungie does is sift through these theories,
finds the best one, and decides that THAT is the story. Then they give the
person who "guessed" the plot a free copy or something. =)
Damien Sorresso

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