Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 21:24:50 -0500
From: Dalan Galma <>
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Subject: Shoulder mount theory

Just my opinion, but to add to the theories page.... I think that
thing on the marine's shoulder looks, not like a mini-missile system
or some such thing, but a communications antenna. This little model
detail could just be justification for an intricate communications
system between team members, perhaps for coordinated strikes over
long distances, or to recieve messages from a) command or b)
Cortana, if she turns out to be another Durandal. After all team
play seems to be pretty emphasized in halo, so it would make sense
to have a visible communications device.

While the idea that this device was a weapon was brought up, there
are a few arguments: one, as seen in the CGW cover, the little pack
points upward at about a 30-45 degree angle.... not great for a
weapon, and it's just generally not good to fire missiles, plasma,
or other hevy ordinance right past your head. The "holes" originally
thought to be missile holes, are actually little hexagons with metal
dots in them... not like any missile launcher I know. The dots are
also connected, and the tracing leads to a little box shape,
siggesting some wired array. It even resembles to some point a
fractal antenna that has recently been developed for cell phones.

Thus, my verdict on the little shoulder-box for now is that it is
some sort of communications device, but only the game itself can
settle the issue.
-Dalan Galma

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