Subject: The connection between Iain M. Banks and Halo
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:43:18 +0000

Dear Louis Wu,
    Recently I've been reading several Iain M. Banks 
Novels; and while reading "Against a Dark Bankground" I 
came across a direct reference to an aritfact/habitat 
named "Halo." Intersting, aint it? The following is an 
excerpt from page 108 3rd paragraph:

    "The Lazy Guns had not had a happy history; they had 
turned up during the Interregnum following the Second 
War, seemingly products of Halo; the vast Thrial-Polar 
Machine Intelligence artifact/habitat destroyed by 
whatever mysterious weapon [that] had been fired from - 
and which appeared to have obliterated - the moons of the 
gas giant planet Phrastesis. The Guns had floated like 
soap bubbles through the spasming chaos of the 
war-ravaged system in their drifting, otherwise empty 
lifeboats, and one by one they had been captured, stolen 
used, abused, hidden, lost, rediscovered and used and 
abused again."

    I'm guesing that the Gas giant near Bungie's Halo is 
named Phrastesis?

    Now here is were I make conections. "...the vast 
Thrial-Polar..." Wouldn't halo have to move in 3 axis in 
order to provide gravity, seasons, and day and night 

    And about the "...Machine Intelligence 
artifact/habitat..." well we know an AI has SOMETHING to 
do with Halo, which is both a habitat and an artifact. 
(The last part was easy to extrapolate :P)

    Matt Shears

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