They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions Waterfront
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Well, cousins, the gig is finally up. As an indication of how serious this is, I'm broadcasting to you over an open, unencrypted channel. When I'm done, I'm going to loop it and split. There's no sense sticking around here yapping any longer than is necessary. I saw a 'For Sale' sign go up in the front yard of your dad's place, but your older brother didn't put it there; some out-of-towners might have.

What you've got to look forward to now is nothing less than absolute destruction. These folks don't do things by half measures. They aim to kill us all, burn our cities, and leave Reach as one more burned out rock spinning in the darkness. And they're gonna do it too. Nothing that you and me can do to stop them. They've done it plenty of times before. They've bloodied our noses at Harvest, at Madrigal, at Miridem, but this time it's gonna cost them. This time they're gonna jerk back a bloody stump.

There's no two ways about this; it's gonna be a nightmare. The heavens are gonna burn, and the ground is gonna tremble beneath our feet. They're gonna rain death and destruction down on our heads, but we're not gonna give up a single damn inch of dirt without a fight. And they're gonna get their full measure of nightmare, too. And when I see 'em, I'm gonna tell 'em - Welcome to the nightmare, you sons of bitches. Welcome to Reach.