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Reach Radio Transmissions Red 3: Powerhouse
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Red 3: Powerhouse


GAMMA FIVE: Gamma One, Facility Alpha 412 is overrun, and I'm heading to your location with what's left of Gamma Five, over.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Gamma Five? damn, it's good to hear you. How many are you bringing? I thought B-net said your house got knocked down.

GAMMA FIVE: Confirm. ODG-412 is slag. Lost all but fourteen able bodies. Making our way over in two 'Hogs and a radio van.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: The more the merrier. Looks like we got makin's for a party. Some honest-to-god Spartans are ridin' up here with some boys from Third Mech as we speak.

GAMMA FIVE: Hate to break it to you, Gamma One, but Covie's hit us with two divisions at Alpha 412. How many Spartans you got on approach?

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Gamma Five, say again? That was two divisions, over?

GAMMA FIVE: That's affirmative. We put a dent in 'em, but that's about it. The only reason I ain't one of them on the line with you right now is HighCom decided to drop every available asset right on top of em, and us. Over.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Well, I hope you're bringing extra ammo, then, Gamma Five.

GAMMA FIVE: All we could carry and then some. ETA twenty-five mikes, out.