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Reach Radio Transmissions ONI 2: Outpost
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ONI 2: Outpost


ONE: Charlie Hotel!

TWO: For Pete's sake.

ONE: What?

TWO: You really love the idea that you're deep in the cloak and dagger BS, don't you? This is not a clandestine meeting, Joe, we're pulling everyone out because the planet is burning.

ONE: Oh, my god.

TWO: If it'll help keep your mind off it, you can tell me what you've got.

ONE: Halsey's new pet project, this new AI. It's a generational leap - I'm not even sure that's strong enough language.

TWO: So it's a pretty big deal, huh? Any idea who the donor was?

ONE: Just showed up one day. A couple of months after one of the annexes in the Omega Wing was quarantined. Is that cloak and dagger enough for ya?

TWO: Haha.

ONE: And typical of her work ethic, she's given total access to everything. It can bi-locate as well.

TWO: What do you mean?

ONE: It can be in multiple places at the same time. Maybe multi-locate would be a more accurate term.

TWO: Like a waldo? What use is-

ONE: No, as a duplicate - capable of independent action. I've never seen it work in concert with itself, so I'm not sure if there's some technical issue with that, or...

TWO: So maybe a safety issue? Or, just, you never saw it happen.

ONE: Technical issue. Something that would make doing it impossible. A safety issue wouldn't stop Halsey.

TWO: Yeah, I guess not. You know what, let's get the hell outta here.

ONE: Isn't that what we were doing?

TWO: Sure, let's just keep moving.