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Reach Radio Transmissions Red 5: Boardwalk
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Red 5: Boardwalk


GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Unknown station, this is Gamma One Actual. Do you read, over?

IRON FIST: Gamma One Actual, this is Iron Fist. We read you. What is the current status of Facility Alpha 331?

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Facility Alpha 331 is overrun and offline, defense grid in zone Uniform Delta is running at starvation levels. If you're taking survivors, we've got a few.

IRON FIST: Negative, Gamma. We are en route to support Beta Red. Any word on their status?


IRON FIST: Acknowledged. There is a temp evac station 50 klicks west along your current vector at Uniform Delta zero-zero-eight-niner-six-three-niner-eight-seven. I'll let them know you're coming.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Might want to tell them to start pulling up stakes. Beta Red may be tough as hell, but I don't know how long they'll be able to tie up two armored divisions.

IRON FIST: Say again, Gamma, over?

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: I said Beta Red may be tough as hell but - oh, my god!

IRON FIST: Gamma One Actual, we lost you. Say again, over?

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Iron Fist, This is Gamma One Actual. Three Covenant cruisers just dropped out of clouds directly above us, holding at approximately twenty thousand feet, traveling due east at approximately three hundred knots - three-zero-zero knots!

IRON FIST: Visual confirmed, Gamma One. They just passed within 50 meters of our bird.

IRON FIST: Go NOA and punch it, there's still a chance we can pull Beta outta there.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Wait, you're not planning on heading into that mess, are you?

IRON FIST: Godspeed, and see you on the other side, Gamma. Out.