They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions Courtyard
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DRAGON X-RAY: Blue Delta, this is Dragon X-ray. We are on the ground and three Mikes out from the objective. Over.

BLUE DELTA: Dragon X-ray, be advised that you are the only UNSC ground asset in that grid, over.

DRAGON X-RAY: Say again, Blue Delta. We've got movement due east, that should be Strike Red, over.

BLUE DELTA: That's a negative, Dragon X-ray. I say again; be advised you are the only UNSC asset in that area.

DRAGON X-RAY: Roger, Blue Delta. We're picking up that movement again due east. You got something to soften it up?

BLUE DELTA: You got a location, Dragon X-ray?

DRAGON X-RAY: Grid as follows: Whiskey-delta-one-five-seven-four-one-seven-one-two, over.

BLUE DELTA: Roger, I copy; Whiskey-delta-one-five-seven-four-one-seven-one-two.

DRAGON X-RAY: That is correct. Request immediate support from any assets on-station.

BLUE DELTA: Dragon X-ray, looks like all I've got available at this time is the UNSC Aegis Fate.

DRAGON X-RAY: Blue Delta, is the Aegis Fate wet Navy?

BLUE DELTA: Negative, Dragon. She's an exo-asset; a frigate.

DRAGON X-RAY: Whoa! We're less than a klick from the target area, Blue Delta. We ain't that desperate for help.

BLUE DELTA: Understood, Dragon X-ray. Give 'em hell out there, and good luck.