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Reach Radio Transmissions Red 7: Boneyard
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Red 7: Boneyard


GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Gamma Five - holy crap, Buckman, you see that?

GAMMA FIVE: See it? Felt that in my damn chest. Whoever pulled the trigger wanted those sons-of-bitches dead.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Can't believe we just walked outta that crater. We gotta be the two luckiest bastards on this whole planet.

GAMMA FIVE: Luck ain't got nothing to do with it, Jake.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Think anybody could have survived that?

GAMMA FIVE: You mean Beta Red? They say Spartans never die, but I don't think anything lived through that.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Damn, whole lotta real estate burning down there. Won't be much left once this is all said and done.

GAMMA FIVE: Here we are, hightailing it to anywhere else. Doesn't seem right.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Well, pretty soon won't be any place else to run to. What's next, Earth?

GAMMA FIVE: Jake, anyone tell you you talk too damn much?

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: All the time. What the hell else was there to do on Reach besides chase pioneer girls?

GAMMA FIVE: Now there's nothing, man. Now there's nothing at all. Five out.