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Reach Radio Transmissions Tempest
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REVIS: Just who in the hell made this thing Lieutenant? Huh? Who?

LIEUTENANT: Knowing who made it doesn't help us, Revis. We gotta figure out how they made it and how it works.

REVIS: Well... not "us" us, right?

LIEUTENANT: Yeah, primo. Probably not "us" us.

REVIS: Even if we box everything up in this place, hell, if we drove the whole damn thing back to Earth-

LIEUTENANT: I never figured you for a pessimist, Revis. Money and time, that's all it'll take. Money and time.

REVIS: Money we got, but time is something we can't count on. Oh yeah, and brains might help too.

LIEUTENANT: Don't worry, we got the brainpower.

REVIS: You figure those ONI eggheads are going to be able to figure this all out? And quick enough for it to matter?

LIEUTENANT: They gotta, if they can't well then we're kinda screwed.

REVIS: Ha, and I'M the pessimist.