They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions ONI 1: Glacier
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ONI 1: Glacier


ONE: I swear, you're pathological about entering places through their HVAC systems.

TWO: Hahaha.

ONE: There's still three friendlies registering with the security system.

TWO: Yeah. They got names?

ONE: Kinda. Chump One, Chump Two, and Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, Ph.D.

TWO: Crap, you got lifesigns, or...?

ONE: I got a bunch of noise, is what I got.

TWO: Yeah?

ONE: What I don't have is her exiting through a secure checkpoint.

TWO: So it may just be her badge, right?

ONE: And if she's actually down there?

TWO: Kinda figure she's either dead, or is refusing to leave her most recent pet project.

ONE: Well I ain't carrying her narrow ass outta here.

TWO: Neither am I. Either she's dead, and it ain't gonna matter, or she's alive and it's gonna interfere with the op.

ONE: Yeah?

TWO: If she's alive, I say whoever finds her puts two in her head, and tosses the body in a rigid container of thermite 'nades and pulls a pin. You ain't even pulling recognizable teeth out of that mess. Clean.

ONE: Harsh. We could just strap her to one of these mike foxtrot delta deltas.

TWO: Sounds like we got a plan.