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Reach Radio Transmissions Red 4: Countdown
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Red 4: Countdown


BETA ROMEO ACTUAL: Gamma One Actual, my team is in position. Get your people ready to move as soon as I give the signal, over.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: With respect, Red - we might not be Spartans, but this is our home. My men will die here if I ask them to.

BETA ROMEO ACTUAL: I don't doubt that, Gamma One Actual. Let's hope we won't need them to. Defensive perimeter online.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: This is nuts. What in the hell are those autoturrets supposed to do against what they're bringin', over?

BETA ROMEO ACTUAL: Divide their attention.

BETA ROMEO ACTUAL: Visual! Thirty-two Wraiths moving with two-hundred sixty infantry at 200 meters, closing on our lines due west at six kilometers per hour. Beta Red, hold position until I trigger primaries, then close on their front line as fast as you can.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Dammit, Red, I heard you Spartans were crazy. Gamma-Five: radio check, over.

GAMMA FIVE: Five by five, Gamma One Actual. Drone is holding station at over ten thousand feet. We got eyes on the whole damn thing.

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: Those Spartans are crazy, they're gonna get us killed.

GAMMA FIVE: Holy [static]! You're ain't gonna believe this! Beta Red just punched right up into the guts of that Covie column! Ever see a Spartan go hand to hand with a Wraith? Unbelievable!

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: What are eleven Spartans gonna do against thirty thousand Covenant? They're dead men.

GAMMA FIVE: Can't argue that, but those Spartans just bought us some time - we might just make it out of this alive! Get ready to move, over!

GAMMA ONE ACTUAL: [four beeps] That's the signal! Let's get the hell outta here.