They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions Anchor 9
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Anchor 9


???: Charlie Alpha Alpha, just let the wing dissipate.

CHARLIE ALPHA ALPHA: We wait much longer, they're gonna burn us right into the ground!

???: Then make 'em work for it! But you push into that wash and it's guaranteed suicide.

CHARLIE ALPHA ALPHA: At this rate, we'll be lucky if we even get half of our people back to the Inner Colonies!

???: Delta-Romeo-230, you're clear all the way out to Superior jump. Suggest you get your bearings and then go dark 'til you're 1,500 kilos out.

???: Charlie Alpha Alpha, taxi to runway 22. Hold short.

CHARLIE ALPHA ALPHA: Roger, taxi to runway 22.

???: Charlie Alpha Alpha, you are cleared for take-off.

CHARLIE ALPHA ALPHA: Roger, clear for take-off.

???: We're not even gonna get 2% of the population off this rock.

CHARLIE ALPHA ALPHA: That's pretty bleak...

???: I've got a pretty good idea how this is gonna end, but I'm going out on my terms, not theirs. Charlie Alpha Alpha, you're clear all the way out. Go dark and fly visual 'til you are 1,500 kilos from Superior Tower. Godspeed.