They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions Overlook
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ONE: Do you think the Army showing up in Tarpa is connected to the Visegrad hub going down?

TWO: Well, newsfeed said it was insurrectionists, but uh, if you're going to make a statement, why hit a remote place like Visegrad?

ONE: You think it was UNSC goons? Like, maybe they found out the URF was running a pirate station out of the Visegrad hub?

TWO: If that was the case, why blame the outage on an Innie success? Why not apologize for a temporary outage and play up the futility of resistance?

ONE: So, what do you think it is, then? If it ain't the Innies, and the UNSC is spinning it...

TWO: Oh, brother, don't even say it.

ONE: I'm just saying we should be prepared for the worst, is all. We should-

TWO: So you think the next logical step here is Covenant invasion? Those guys blow up planets, not shut down local carrier hubs.

ONE: Visegrad isn't just a local carrier hub, though. It's one of the three hubs that connects the northern Alföld with the main comm hub down south, and thus the rest of the colonies.

TWO: Okay...

ONE: I'm saying this is either a very ballsy and strategically sound move on the Innies' part, and we're in the middle of a coup d'etat...

TWO: Or?

ONE: Or the Covenant is here and it's already too late.